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Raquel Enedina Medina-Carrillo, Samuel Salazar-García, Jorge Armando Bonilla-Cárdenas, Juan Antonio Herrera-González, Martha Elva Ibarra-Estrada, and Arturo Álvarez-Bravo

adaptation of plants to the environment and in counteracting stress conditions ( Ahmed et al., 2014 ). The defense mechanisms of plants can be structural, such as cell wall thickening or lignification, or biochemical such as the production of PCs

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Rebecca Nelson Brown, Cynthia Percivalle, Sophia Narkiewicz, and Samantha DeCuollo

available purple lovegrass seed was of the Florida ecotype; we attribute its failure to establish to a lack of adaptation because the native purple lovegrass ecotype is widespread along roadsides in Rhode Island (Brown and Sawyer, in preparation). The

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Sat Pal Sharma, Daniel I. Leskovar, Kevin M. Crosby, and A.M.H. Ibrahim

Muskmelon exhibits a wide variability for vegetative traits, fruit morphology, sweetness, and climatic adaptations for yield and fruit quality ( Li et al., 2006 ). Previous reports have attributed the lack of widely adapted cultivars of muskmelon to

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Fekadu Fufa Dinssa, Peter Hanson, Dolores R. Ledesma, Ruth Minja, Omary Mbwambo, Mansuet Severine Tilya, and Tsvetelina Stoilova

programs on the continent. Only a few officially released improved varieties have been under commercial production in Tanzania and other parts of East Africa ( Dinssa et al., 2016 ). A deeper understanding of amaranth adaptation to different production

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Qirui Cui, Haizheng Xiong, Yufeng Yufeng, Stephen Eaton, Sora Imamura, Jossie Santamaria, Waltram Ravelombola, Richard Esten Mason, Lisa Wood, Leandro Angel Mozzoni, and Ainong Shi

environmental factors. A quarter of the world's population is threatened by this problem, and most of them are from the developing countries of Africa and Asia. Among all leguminous crops, cowpea [ Vigna unguiculate (L.) Walp.] has a relatively high adaptation

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Diana Niñirola, Juan A. Fernández, Encarnación Conesa, Juan A. Martínez, and Catalina Egea-Gilabert

oxygen concentrations can lead to anatomical and morphological adaptations that facilitate the transport of oxygen from the shoot to the roots. For example, some plants create aerenchyma, a specialized tissue in the roots that consists of longitudinal gas

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Mengmeng Gu, Curt R. Rom, James A. Robbins, and Derrick M. Oosterhuis

as a compensation mechanism for leaf abscission ( Pääkkönen et al., 1998a , 1998b ). The increased leaf abscission of B. papyrifera exposed to water stress compared with the other genotypes ( Table 7 ) could be a morphological adaptation to reduce

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Scott B. Lukas, Joseph DeFrank, Orville C. Baldos, and Ruijun Qin

Seed dormancy is an evolutionary adaptation for increasing seedling survival by delaying germination until conditions are favorable for seedling establishment ( Fenner and Thompson, 2005 ). Although seed dormancy is ecologically important, it

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Anita Solar and Franci Štampar

the kernel market, while nuts of ‘Lewis’ and ‘Willamette’ could also be sold in-shell. Although climatic adaptation is rarely a concern in the major production areas, expansion of hazelnut plantings into marginal areas will require the development of

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Supriyo Basak, Guangyan Wang, Xudong Sun, and Yongping Yang

smaller GS than the turnip landraces of YP (Yunnan Province). Thus, we investigated the GS of turnip landraces from two plateaus to evaluate their differential adaptation. Materials and Methods Plant material. Seeds of all turnip landraces used in this