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Kyle E. LaPlant, Gregory Vogel, Ella Reeves, Christine D. Smart, and Michael Mazourek

The epidemiology of plant diseases. 2nd ed. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands Dunn, A.R. Fry, B.A. Lee, T.Y. Conley, K.D. Balaji, V. Fry, W.E. McLeod, A. Smart, C.D. 2013 Transformation of Phytophthora capsici with genes for green and red

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Takahiro Tezuka, Hisa Yokoyama, Hideyuki Tanaka, Shuji Shiozaki, and Masayuki Oda

immature and too small to excise. Therefore, those seeds were cut in half, and the half-seeds with embryos ( Fig. 1B ) were aseptically sown. In the 2007 season, non-sterilized seeds were sown as described previously and incubated at 15 °C in the dark

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Xiangli Ma, Min Tang, Yufen Bi, and Junbo Yang

Province were determined. Approximately 15 to 24 individuals were selected from each population with a distance of at least 20 m. Finally, 404 individuals from 28 populations of wild C. tortisepalum were collected between 2010 and 2011. Afterward, 1 g of

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Zhengnan Yan, Dongxian He, Genhua Niu, Qing Zhou, and Yinghua Qu

year-round production in PFALs ( Kozai and Niu, 2016a ). Light plays an important role in affecting plant growth ( Snowden et al., 2016 ; Son et al., 2016 ), photochemical biosynthesis ( Dou et al., 2018 ; Mickens et al., 2019 ), and gene expression

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Salvador Soler-Aleixandre, C. López, J. Cebolla-Cornejo, and F. Nuez

. Harel, E. Pleban, T. Oss, H. Kedar, N. Rabinowitch, H.D. Czosnek, H. Van-Oss, H. 1994 Mapping and introgression of a tomato yellow leaf curl virus tolerance gene, TY-1 Theor. App. Genet. 88

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Hyungmin Rho, Paul Colaizzi, James Gray, Li Paetzold, Qingwu Xue, Bhimanagouda Patil, and Charles Rush

. For tomatoes ( Solanum lycopersicum ), a semi-determinate, open-pollinated-type experimental cultivar (Texas A&M AgriLife) was used in 2018, and an indeterminate F1 hybrid cultivar Hot Ty (Texas A&M AgriLife) was used in 2019. This change was made

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Shuguang Wang, Yongpeng Ma, Chengbin Wan, Chungyun Hse, Todd F. Shupe, Yujun Wang, and Changming Wang

-necked patchymorph rhizome (pseudorhizomes) that grows to a height of ≈10 m. Shoot growth is usually initiated in September. Among the internodes assessed herein, the first (labeled as internode 1), third (labeled as internode 3), and fifth (labeled as internode 5

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Sasmita Mishra, Scott Heckathorn, Jonathan Frantz, Futong Yu, and John Gray

plants under normal B levels and at two levels of light (5.76 and 17.28 mol·m −2 ·d −1 ), and then transferred some plants to B-deficient conditions (0 μ m B). To determine if effects on photosynthesis are an early response to B deficiency, as predicted

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Lantian Du, Baojian Huang, Nanshan Du, Shirong Guo, Sheng Shu, and Jin Sun

(cv. Yusuan No. 1) to assess the effects of relay intercropping on cucumber plant growth, soil enzyme activities and microbial diversity, and biomass and community diversity. Materials and Methods Experimental materials and treatments. The experiments

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Briana L. Gross, Gayle M. Volk, Christopher M. Richards, Philip L. Forsline, Gennaro Fazio, and C. Thomas Chao

al., 2004 ; Forsline et al., 2010 ). Currently, the grafted collection has ≈2500 clones acquired primarily from gene banks, breeders, and wild collection trips ( Table 1 ). The field collection also includes several thousand Malus species seedling