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Nauja Lisa Jensen, Christian R. Jensen, Fulai Liu, and Karen K. Petersen

) treatments. Horizontal bars show ± sd of [ABA] xylem and vertical bars show ± sd of g s . Relationship between g s and [ABA] xylem of pot-grown strawberry plants ( B ) at different ranges of water vapor pressure deficits (VPD). Data points are means

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Olivia Sanchez, Stephanie E. Burnett, and Bryan J. Peterson

improve rooting responses compared with submist alone. Fig. 2. Average daily air temperature ( A ), relative humidity ( B ), and vapor pressure deficit ( C ) recorded at the height of ‘Miss Kim’ manchurian lilac ( Syringa pubescens subsp. patula

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Rocío Leyva, Christian Constán-Aguilar, Begoña Blasco, Eva Sánchez-Rodríguez, Teresa Soriano, and Juan M. Ruíz

) and VPD calculated from the VPD at 100% RH minus actual air vapor pressure measurement. Incident solar radiation was measured using pyranometer sensors (Model SKS1110; Skye Instruments, Llandrindod Wells, U.K.), situated in the screenhouse ( Fig. 1

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Silvia Jiménez Becker, Maria Teresa Lao, and Mari Luz Segura

models that allow the prediction of nitrogen nutritional needs of Dieffenbachia amoena to increase the N use efficiency in a recycled system. To achieve these aims, N uptake has been correlated to climate parameters such as temperature (T), vapor

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David M. Glenn

covariance in each year with PAR as the independent covariate because there were annual differences in the response. To evaluate the effect of PF and irrigation treatments on A over the range of vapor pressure deficit (VPD), assimilation data for the PF and

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Lucas O’Meara, Marc W. van Iersel, and Matthew R. Chappell

also calculated vapor pressure and VPD every 5 min using temperature and humidity measurements. Maximum, minimum, and daily average values were recorded for PAR , temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, saturation vapor pressure, and VPD. On

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Sanjit K. Deb, Manoj K. Shukla, and John G. Mexal

water content at shallow depth (0 to 40 cm) (θ avg ) was obtained by averaging θ at soil depths of 5, 10, 20, and 40 cm among selected trees at the time of midday ψ stem and ψ leaf measurements. Estimation of atmospheric vapor pressure deficit. Air

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Md. Jahedur Rahman, Haruhisa Inden, and Masaaki Kirimura

, IL) for Windows and the differences among means were determined using Tukey’s test at P = 0.05. Results and Discussion Transpiration, leaf conductance, and leaf vapor pressure deficit. When measured at 30 d after start of the nigari treatments

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Sahar Dabirian and Carol A. Miles

next to the healing chamber (where plants were placed when they were taken out of the chamber) were measured every 15 min (Onset HOBO, Bourne, MA). To better understand the impact of temperature and RH on graft survival, the vapor pressure deficit (VPD

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Moritz Knoche, Eckhard Grimm, and Henrik Jürgen Schlegel

quantify and in mature sweet cherry fruit using pressure probes, water vapor pressure osmometry, and compression plates; and 2) to establish the effects of water uptake and water loss on . Materials and Methods Plant material. Fruits of uniform size