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Ariana Torres, Petrus Langenhoven, and Bridget K. Behe

foods or diet may be more likely to be melon consumers and ideal targets for marketing messages about new cultivars. Previously published scales quantifying those constructs ( Roininen, 2001 ; van Trijp and Steenkamp, 1991 ) could be helpful in

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Michele R. Warmund, David H. Trinklein, Mark R. Ellersieck, and Reid J. Smeda

cotton in production areas where long-term use of glyphosate has resulted in resistant weed species ( Gage et al., 2019 ). Although these auxin herbicides were formulated for reduced off-target movement via particle drift and volatility, injury occurs on

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Carole L. Bassett and D. Michael Glenn

( Brown et al., 2005 ), CRY1 ( Vandenbussche et al., 2007 ), and phytochromes/PIFs. HY5 has over 3000 downstream targets, including genes associated with photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, or, in some cases, stress response ( Lee et al., 2007 ). Among

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Eric T. Stafne

user has ≈700 followers ( Iqbal, 2020 ), but there is no accepted standard minimum number of followers for a successful account. Interest measured via engagement and steady follower growth would be aspirational targets. With those objectives in mind, my

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Kimberly A. Williams, Chad T. Miller, and Ward Upham

were more inclined to major in horticulture at KSU. This data characteristic could be used as an indicator to target recruitment of future students into a baccalaureate horticulture program. Twenty of the 51 students who became horticulture majors, or

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Xuelin Shen, Yanmei Zhang, Zhao Lei, Yibo Lin, Minxu Cao, Yueyu Hang, and Xiaoqin Sun

133 to 153-bp and the 362 to 383-bp regions, respectively. The designed SCAR primers were verified in 88 individuals of the 11 nonheading Chinese cabbage accessions. The results revealed that the primers amplified a clear target band of 251 bp in all

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Tong Geon Lee, Reza Shekasteband, Naama Menda, Lukas A. Mueller, and Samuel F. Hutton

20 s; 57 °C for 20 s; 72 °C for 15 s; and a 10-min extension at 72 °C. The products from a jointed and a jointless line were sequenced by the Sanger method to validate single-product amplification of the target region. Two software packages were used

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Youbin Zheng and Mary Jane Clark

pH to five target treatment levels (i.e., 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5), hydrated lime (61.1% CaOH 2 , 37.1% MgOH 2 , 0.4% silica and insoluble components, 0.4% iron and aluminum oxides, 0.3% sulfur trioxide, 140 calcium carbonate equivalency; Graymont

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Madhurababu Kunta, John V. da Graça, Nasir S.A. Malik, Eliezer S. Louzada, and Mamoudou Sétamou

, qPCR of root samples using 16S primers amplifies non-specific target (Kunta et al., unpublished data). HLB disease symptoms may be confused with nutrient deficiencies or other disease symptoms ( Bové, 2006 ). Moreover, CLas is unevenly distributed in

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Carlos R. Quesada and Clifford S. Sadof

. Applications were made with a 3-gal sprayer (Solo, Newport News, VA) to the canopy until runoff, using 40 mL of solution about per plant, targeting young crawlers of the second generation of pine needle scale. A total of six infested needles (three from new