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Mohamed S. Elmongy, Xiuyun Wang, Hong Zhou, and Yiping Xia

the root concentration of nitric oxide, IAA and ethylene do not explain the changes in root architecture caused by humic acid in cucumber Environ. Exp. Bot. 76 24 32 Muscolo, A. Cutrupi, S. Nardi, S. 1998 IAA detection in humic substances Soil Biol

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Shahrzad Bodaghi, Gabriel Pugina, Bo Meyering, Kim D. Bowman, and Ute Albrecht

new diagnostic real-time PCR method for huanglongbing detection in citrus root tissue J. Gen. Plant Pathol. 84 5 359 367 Pokhrel, S. Meyering, B. Bowman, K.D. Albrecht, U. 2021 Horticultural attributes and root architectures of field

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S.M. Scheiber, Richard C. Beeson Jr, and Sudeep Vyapari

Florida guide to bedding plants: Selection, establishment, and maintenance University Press of Florida Gainesville, FL Bowman, D.C. Devitt, D.A. Engelke, M.C. Ruffy T.W. Jr 1998 Root architecture

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Benjamin Wherley and Thomas R. Sinclair

Beasely, J.S. Branham, B.E. Ortiz-Ribbing, L.M. 2005 Trinexapac-ethyl affects kentucky bluegrass root architecture HortScience 40 1539 1542 Bell, R.S. DeFrance, J.A. 1944 Influence of

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Dario Stefanelli, Roberto J. Zoppolo, Ronald L. Perry, and Franco Weibel

procedure for herbicide free in-row weed control?] Obstbau 25 214 217 Stefanelli, D. 2006 Evaluation of orchard floor management systems for apple under organic protocol: Effect on soil organic matter and nitrogen, nematode community, root architecture and

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Michael T. Martin Jr., Geoffrey M. Weaver, Matthew R. Chappell, and Jerry Davis

response of root architecture to low boron supply in Arabidopsis seedlings Physiol. Plant. 142 170 178 Rowe, D.B. Cregg, B.M. 2002 Effect of incorporating controlled-release fertilizer on adventitious rooting and growth of Artemisia, Gaura, and Nepeta J

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Thomas E. Marler

Clemente, H.S. Marler, T.E. 2001 Trade winds reduce growth and influence gas exchange patterns in papaya seedlings Ann. Bot. (Lond.) 88 379 385 Coutts, M.P. 1983 Root architecture and tree stability Plant Soil 71 171 188 Crane, J.H. 2008 Papaya growing in

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Lesley A. Judd, Brian E. Jackson, William C. Fonteno, and Jean-Christophe Domec

resistance to liquid water flow in the soil–plant–atmosphere continuum ( Rieger and Litvin, 1999 ). Root architecture, morphology, and anatomy affect the degree of hydraulic resistance; radial and axial pathways, apoplastic barriers, aquaporin activity, exo

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James T. Brosnan, Adam W. Thoms, Gregory K. Breeden, and John C. Sorochan

reduced sunlight Agron. J. 101 75 81 Beasley, J.S. Branham, B.E. Ortiz-Ribbing, L.M. 2005 Trinexapac-ethyl affects kentucky bluegrass root architecture HortScience 40 1539 1542 Brosnan

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Mara Grossman, John Freeborn, Holly Scoggins, and Joyce Latimer

Benzyladenine increases lateral offshoots in a number of perennial species Proc. Intl. Plant Prop. Soc. 49 329 334 McPhee, K. 2005 Variation for seedling root architecture in the core collection of pea germplasm Crop Sci. 45 1758 1763 Richards, D. Wilkinson, R