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Marissa Moses and Pathmanathan Umaharan

Antilles (LA) Trinidad and Tobago (TT). Phylogenetic clusters ( A–C ) as described in Fig. 2. Bootstrap values based on 1000 replicates. Molecular characterization of the phylogenetic clusters. From 11 discriminatory markers (RAPD bands) accounting for the

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Hyesoon Kim and Yeh-Jin Ahn

10972 Young, L.S. Yeh, C.H. Chen, Y.M. Lin, C.Y. 1999 Molecular characterization of Oryza sativa 16.9 kDa heat shock protein Biochem. J. 344 31 38

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Salih Kafkas, Yıldız Doğan, Ali Sabır, Ali Turan, and Hasbi Seker

Detecting DNA polymorphism and genetic diversity in a wide pistachio germplasm: Comparison of AFLP, ISSR and RAPD markers J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 131 522 529 Kafkas, S. Ozgen, M. Dogan, Y. Ozcan, B. Ercisli, S. Serce, S. 2008 Molecular characterization of

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Jaime Prohens, Julio E. Muñoz-Falcón, Adrián Rodríguez-Burruezo, Francisco Ribas, Ángel Castro, and Fernando Nuez

; Stommel and Whitaker, 2003 ). Molecular characterization with 36 simple sequence repeats has shown that ‘H15’ clusters with other Almagro eggplant materials and also that it is genetically differentiated from the Andalusian pickling eggplant landrace

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Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Ahmad Sattar Khan, Ishtiaq Ahmad Rajwana, Asif Ali Khan, Muhammad Abubakkar Azmat, and Syed Ali Raza

. Khan, I.A. 2015 Morphological and molecular characterization and evaluation of mango germplasm: An overview Sci. Hort. 194 1 14 Khan, A.S. Singh, Z. 2008 1-Methylcyclopropene application and modified atmosphere packaging affect ethylene biosynthesis

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Mohammed Elsayed El-Mahrouk, Yaser Hassan Dewir, and Yougasphree Naidoo

, N. Randhawa, G.J. Purohit, S.D. 2009 Morphological and molecular characterization of a rare medicinal herb ‘Safed Musli’ ( Chlorophytum borivilianum Sant. ET Fernand.), p. 519–530. In: A. Kumar and H.C. Arya (eds.). Plant tissue culture and

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Şurhan Göl, Sami Doğanlar, and Anne Frary

. 6 2 125 134 Suresh, S. Park, J.H. Cho, G.T. Lee, H.S. Baek, H.J. Lee, S.Y. Chung, J.W. 2013 Development and molecular characterization of 55 novel polymorphic cDNA-SSR markers in faba bean ( Vicia faba L.) using 454 pyrosequencing Molecules 18 2

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Chun-qiong Huang, Guo-dao Liu, and Chang-jun Bai

Garcia-Oliveira, A.L. Benito, C. Prieto, P. de Andrade Menezes, R. Rodrigues-Pousada, C. Guedes-Pinto, H. Martins-Lopes, P. 2013 Molecular characterization of TaSTOP1 homoeologues and their response to aluminum and proton H + toxicity in bread wheat

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Yonghong Guo, Richard T. Olsen, Matthew Kramer, and Margaret Pooler

. Calonectria pseudonaviculata ) on Buxus : Molecular characterization, epidemiology, host resistance and fungicide control. PhD thesis, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium Hagan, A.K. Conner, K. 2013 Boxwood blight—A new disease of boxwood in the nursery and

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Desalegn D. Serba, Osman Gulsen, Bekele G. Abeyo, Keenan L. Amundsen, Donald J. Lee, P. Stephen Baenziger, Tiffany M. Heng-Moss, Kent M. Eskridge, and Robert C. Shearman

dactyloides based on cloning and sequencing of matK, rbcL, and cob genes from plastid and mitochondrial genomes Genome 48 411 416 Budak, H. Shearman, R.C. Parmaksiz, I. Gaussoin, R.E. Riordan, T.P. Dweikat, I. 2004 Molecular characterization of buffalograss