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Sukhvinder Pal Singh and Zora Singh

, L. Chen, S. Kong, W. Li, S. Archbold, D.D. 2006 Salicylic acid pre-treatment alleviates chilling injury and affects the antioxidant system and heat shock proteins of peaches during cold storage Postharvest Biol. Technol. 41 244 251 Wismer, W.V. 2003

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Meng-Shiun Tsai, Tan-Cha Lee, and Pai-Tsang Chang

under reduced radiation load in a semi-arid climate J. Expt. Bot. 54 365 373 Ritenour, M.A. Kochhar, S. Schrader, L.E. 2001 Characterization of heat shock protein expression in apple peel under field and laboratory conditions J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 126

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Emily B. Merewitz and Sha Liu

factors in Arabidopsis thaliana ( Shi et al., 2015 ), and exogenous application in tomato plants also enhanced certain heat shock proteins ( Xu et al., 2016 ). Thus, further research could be performed to determine whether other protective mechanisms may

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Zongchang Xu, Meng Wang, Jinhui Zhou, Han Liu, Chengsheng Zhang, and Yiqiang Li

al., 2005 ; Radoni et al., 2003 ). Therefore, identification of stable reference genes provides an important foundation for molecular research. Housekeeping genes, such as ACTIN , GAPDH , EF1 α, UBQ , b-TUB , heat shock protein ( HSP ), 18S

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Vanessa S. Gordon and Jack E. Staub

Oxidative stress inhibits the repair of photodamage to the photosynthetic machinery EMBO J. 20 5587 5594 Rodermel, S. 2001 Pathways of plastid-to-nucleus signaling Trends Plant Sci. 6 471 478 Sabehat, A. Weiss, D. Lurie, S. 1998 Heat-shock proteins and cross

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Rajeev Arora and Lisa J. Rowland

shock proteins, phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase, and low temperature-induced 78 kD protein. From this, it is interesting to speculate that, in ‘Bluecrop’, cold room conditions may result in induction of a larger general stress response

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Wei Hao, Rajeev Arora, Anand K. Yadav, and Nirmal Joshee

tree diseases CRC Press, Inc Boca Raton, FL Wisniewski, M. Close, T.J. Artlip, T. Arora, R. 1996 Seasonal patterns of dehydrins and 70-kDa heat-shock proteins in bark tissue of eight species of woody

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Martha Edith López-López, José Ángel López-Valenzuela, Francisco Delgado-Vargas, Gabriela López-Angulo, Armando Carrillo-López, Lidia Elena Ayón-Reyna, and Misael Odín Vega-García

contribution of biotechnology to improving post-harvest chilling tolerance in fruits and vegetables using heat-shock proteins J. Agr. Sci. 153 7 24 Almeida Miguel, A.C. Durigan, J.F. Magalhães Marques, K. Ascari Morgado, C.M. Ferraudo, A. 2016 Prevention of

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Kelly Gude, Cary L. Rivard, Sara E. Gragg, Kimberly Oxley, Petros Xanthopoulos, and Eleni D. Pliakoni

). Similarly, a controlled study in Japan observed high temperatures on protein expression in strawberry and found that heat shock proteins were induced at 33 °C daytime temperatures to result in photosynthetic thermotolerance and pollen interference; however

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Ren-jun Feng, Li-li Zhang, Jing-yi Wang, Jin-mei Luo, Ming Peng, Jun-feng Qi, Yin-don Zhang, and Li-fang Lu

the ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (RuBisCo) and one protein spot was related to the chlorophyll binding protein. The next most prominent category was molecular chaperones (14%). Proteins of this group included heat shock protein (HSP