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Monica L. Elliott

For many years, the palm disease spectrum in the Florida landscape had been relatively stable, with lethal yellowing (a phytoplasma disease caused by ‘ Candidatus Phytoplasma palmae’ subgroup 16SrIV-A) and ganoderma butt rot (a fungal disease

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Domenico Bertetti, M. Lodovica Gullino, and Angelo Garibaldi

, 2004 ), with a portion of the production grown for export. Azaleas are susceptible to several foliar diseases ( Benson and Williams-Woodward, 2001 ), including anthracnose, a fungal disease that causes leaf spots and defoliation. Colletotrichum

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Sanalkumar Krishnan and Emily Merewitz

seeded cultivars ( Warnke, 2003 ). Elite cultivars have been released, such as those bred for resistance to fungal diseases such as dollar spot [ Clarireedia jacksonii , formerly known as Sclerotinia homeocarpa ( Bonos, 2006 )]. Scant information exists

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Rafel Socias i Company, Ossama Kodad, José M. Alonso, and Antonio J. Felipe

locations showed its tolerance to Polystigma and other fungal diseases. Ripening time is early, although later than in ‘Guara’, which allows the succession of harvest. Nut fall before harvest has been very low, but nuts fell easily when shaken. Yield

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Mark K. Ehlenfeldt

and may need assertive management at a young age to induce sufficient branching to form a balanced bush, and to avoid producing a monopodial plant. ‘Talisman’ has demonstrated good field resistance to both phases of the fungal disease mummy berry

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Agnieszka Masny, Edward Żurawicz, and Jarosław Markowski

fungal diseases were assessed. The fruit were harvested two times per week and sorted into two categories: marketable (over 1.8 cm in diameter) and unmarketable (below 1.8 cm in diameter or misshapen). The fruit ripening time was expressed as the Faedi

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Akihiro Itai, Takaaki Igori, Naoko Fujita, Mayumi Egusa, Motoichiro Kodama, and Hideki Murayama

. pyrifolia Nakai (Japanese pear: Nashi), which are commercially cultivated in temperate zones ( Bell, 1990 ). Pears are susceptible to a number of diseases, mostly caused by fungi. In European varieties, resistance against fungal diseases such as scab

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Kent E. Cushman, William B. Evans, David M. Ingram, Patrick D. Gerard, R. Allen Straw, Craig H. Canaday, Jim E. Wyatt, and Michael M. Kenty

Many areas of the United States produce cucurbits ( Cucurbita spp.) for local and regional consumption. In the southeastern United States, weather is often conducive to the development of fungal diseases and subsequent yield loss. Two of the most

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José M. López-Aranda, Luis Miranda, Juan J. Medina, Carmen Soria, Berta de los Santos, Fernando Romero, Rosa M. Pérez-Jiménez, Miguel Talavera, Steve A. Fennimore, and Bielinski M. Santos

, dazomet, propylene oxide, dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) plus Pic, and calcium cyanamide (C-cyanamide). The combination of 1,3-D + Pic has been widely studied throughout the world for controlling fungal disease and nematodes. However, herbicides frequently need

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Vladislav Ognjanov, Maja Miodragović, Goran Barać, Dejan Prvulović, Mirjana Ljubojević, Jovana Dulić, and Dušica Dorić

pleasantly aromatic, described by consumer taste panels as “intense.” This cultivar is tolerant to fungal diseases, making it interesting for organic production. Origin ‘Prima’ was selected from domesticated regional landrace of sour cherry, locally called