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Wei-Chin Lin, Dietmar Frey, Gordon D. Nigh, and Cheng C. Ying

correlated with Yd having a correlation coefficient of –0.19. The resulting forecasts (predicted values) are presented in Figure 1A . The residual errors (“predicted” minus “actual” yield, Yd) were randomly distributed around zero ( Fig. 1B ). The fitted

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Monika Ghimire, Tracy A. Boyer, Chanjin Chung, and Justin Q. Moss

BWM is a relatively simple method that yields coefficients for each attribute that can be used to determine the shares of preferences as the forecasted probability of the attributes. Both the DCE ( Cheraghi et al., 2008 ; Lancsar and Louviere, 2008

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Michael A. Gold, Mihaela M. Cernusca, and Larry D. Godsey

forecasted to increase at 1.9% per year, reaching 3.21 lb per person by 2012. Meanwhile, processed mushroom consumption is expected to remain constant at 1.65 lb per person through 2012 ( Patterson, 2003 ). The University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry

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Rachel Leisso, Bridgid Jarrett, Katrina Mendrey, and Zachariah Miller

the tree were hand-thinned to one fruitlet per cluster. Because of forecasted frost, fruit were harvested on 30 Sept. 2020, and pooled into bins according to treatment. Forty fruit were selected at random from each bin to evaluate maturity. Fruit

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James R. Schupp, Thomas M. Kon, and H. Edwin Winzeler

of ACC for apple thinning. If true, this would allow concentration adjustments to year-to-year variations in fruit set and to the weather forecast at the time of application. The apparent wide range in ACC dose response is especially noteworthy

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Ed Stover, David G. Hall, Jude Grosser, Barrett Gruber, and Gloria A. Moore

.S. Department of Agriculture 2018a Citrus June forecast maturity test results and fruit size. 18 Oct. 2018. < > U.S. Department of Agriculture 2018b

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Michael A. Schnelle

-infrared spectroscopy Postharvest Biol. Technol. 93 83 90 National Restaurant Association 2015 What’s hot in 2015 culinary forecast. 12 Dec. 2015. < > Northern Nut Growers

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Laban K. Rutto, Zelalem Mersha, and Mizuho Nita

frequencies could be adopted if information from disease forecasting and early warning systems were taken into consideration. Nita et al. (2006a) have already reported improved protective capacity of conventional fungicides applied in response to infection

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Thiago Vieira da Costa, João Alexio Scarpare Filho, and Matthew W. Fidelibus

the second study, most grapes did not dry adequately by 21 Oct., when they were harvested. Grapes were harvested before they had fully dried because favorable drying weather was no longer forecast and further environmental exposure was likely to result

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Christopher P. Ryan, Peter H. Dernoeden, and Arvydas P. Grybauskas

.T. 2010 Early and late postemergence control of dallisgrass in tall fescue. Online. Applied Turfgrass Science. DOI: 10.1094/ATS-2010-0312-02-RS. Burpee, L.L. Goulty, L.G. 1986 Evaluation of two dollar spot forecasting systems for creeping bentgrass Can. J