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Mark E. Herrington, Craig Hardner, Malcolm Wegener, Louella Woolcock, and Mark J. Dieters

, early yield, fruit size, fruit size variation, and plant size, display of fruit, truss branching, ease of detaching fruit, resistance of fruit to rain damage, abrasion, and bruising. These traits and the levels of expression of the traits were related to

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Agnieszka Masny and Edward Żurawicz

temperature (≈22 °C) during 48 h, as compared with the fresh fruit; with no bruising or fruit rot was noted by that time ( Table 3 ). Table 3. External fruit quality of ‘Pink Rosa’ after 48 h in the room temperature (≈22 °C; Skierniewice, 2014). Ripening and

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Penelope Perkins-Veazie and Gene Lester

puncture wounds or bruising leads to fungal colonization and must be regularly culled to eliminate contamination of adjacent fruit and to retain food safety. Retail-marketed fruit need to be of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) No. 1 or Fancy grades for

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Jeffrey G. Williamson and William O. Cline

2005, Takeda et al. (2008) evaluated the V45 harvester using specially pruned rabbiteye blueberry and southern highbush blueberry ( V. corymbosum hybrids) plants with v-shaped canopies. For rabbiteye, internal bruising and skin splitting were less

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Ed Stover and Eric W. Mercure

, Virachola species of moths are a severe threat and require multiple sprays each year ( Blumenfeld et al., 2000 ; S. Dinkar, pers. comm.). This moth bores into the fruit, causing widespread fungal infections in the arils and bruising on the fruit surface

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Meng Li, Huanhuan Zhi, and Yu Dong

cherry with fewer physiological disorders, such as peduncle browning, flesh browning, surface pitting, bruising, and fungal diseases ( Romano et al., 2006 ). The role of GB in controlling the development of storage disorders is not clear, although other

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Jaysankar De, Bruna Bertoldi, Mohammad Jubair, Alan Gutierrez, Jeffery K. Brecht, Steven A. Sargent, and Keith R. Schneider

makes them highly perishable, thus making temperature management critical for long distance marketing to be successful. In addition to ripening, the longer the delay to cooling, the more moisture is lost, and the more sensitive peaches are to bruising

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Gregory A. Lang

the tunnel trees. Fruit that ripened in the tunnel exhibited less wind-bruising than those in the unprotected plot. In 2006 and 2007 at CHES, flowers not damaged by frosts or freezes tended to set very well, and the tunnels were covered from budswell

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Yanjun Guo, Terri Starman, and Charles Hall

costs and postharvest shrinkage are reduced. Poinsettia postproduction disorders include stem breakage, bract fading, leaf yellowing, bract edge burn (BEB, also known as bract necrosis), and bract bruising ( Ranch, 2012 ). Frequent irrigation with

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David C. Diehl, Nicole L. Sloan, Christine M. Bruhn, Amarat H. Simonne, Jeffrey K. Brecht, and Elizabeth J. Mitcham

full and they empty them [pears] into the bins, are they dropping the fruit? Putting the fruit in gently? All causing bruising issues, one is a compression bruise and the other one is an impact bruise. And then, once it’s in the bins and it’s carried