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Todd C. Einhorn, Mateus S. Pasa, and Janet Turner

abscission, p. 172–203. In: Janick, J. (ed.). Hort. Rev. Vol. 1. AVI Publishing Co., Inc., Westport, CT Bangerth, F. 2000 Abscission and thinning of young fruit and their regulation by plant hormones and bioregulators Plant Growth Regulat. 31 43 59 Byers, R

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Bruce W. Wood, Charles C. Reilly, Clive H. Bock, and Michael W. Hotchkiss

. 868 163 169 Wood, B.W. 2011 Influence of plant bioregulators on pecan flowering and implications for regulation of pistillate flower initiation HortScience 46 870 877 Wood, B.W. Conner, P.J. Worley, R.E. 2003 Relationship of alternate bearing intensity

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Graham H. Barry and Smit le Roux

. 127 133 139 Wheaton, T.A. 1989 Triazole bioregulators reduce internode length and increase branch angle of citrus Acta Hort. 239 277 280 Young, L.B. Erickson, L.C. 1961 Influences of

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Mehdi Sharifi, Julia Reekie, Andrew Hammermeister, Mohammed Zahidul Alam, and Taylor MacKey

.S. 2005 Bio-regulators improve fruit size and colour and reduce crop-load and annual bearing of Honeycrisp™ apples Can. J. Plant Sci. 85 453 455 Ernani, P.R. Dias, J. Flore, J.A. 2002 Annual additions of potassium to the soil increased apple yield in

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Muhammad Irshad, Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan, Biswojit Debnath, Muhammad Anwar, Min Li, Shuang Liu, Bizhu He, and Dongliang Qiu

effectiveness of TDZ on shoot regeneration may be explained by the capability of this PGR to stimulate the biosynthesis of endogenous adenine-type cytokinin ( Huetteman and Preece, 1993 ) and/or ability to work as an efficient bioregulator of in vitro

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Rangjian Qiu, Yuanshu Jing, Chunwei Liu, Zaiqiang Yang, and Zhenchang Wang

. 1998 Yield and fruit quality of pepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) in response to bioregulators HortScience 33 85 87 Ben-Gal, A. Ityel, E. Dudley, L. Cohen, S. Yermiyahu, U. Presnov, E. Zigmond, L. Shani, U. 2008 Effect of irrigation water salinity on

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Paweł Wójcik, Anna Skorupińska, and Hamide Gubbuk

fruits Physiol. Plant. 37 191 194 Banuelos, G.S. Bangerth, F. Marschner, H. 1987 Relationship between polar basipetal auxin transport and acropetal Ca transport into tomato fruits Physiol. Plant. 71 321 327 Basak, A. 1999 Effect of exogenous bioregulators

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Karen Inge Theron, Human Steenkamp, and Willem Jacobus Steyn

, F. 2000 Abscission and thinning of young fruit and their regulation by plant hormones and bioregulators Plant Growth Regulat. 31 1 43 59 Byers, R.E. Carbaugh, D.H. 1991 Effect of chemical thinning sprays on apple fruit set HortTechnology 1 41 48

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Thomas M. Kon, James R. Schupp, Keith S. Yoder, Leon D. Combs, and Melanie A. Schupp

gibberellic acid and ethephon on floral initiation in apple HortScience 44 1900 1906 Schröder, M. Bangerth, F. 2006 The possible ‘mode of action’ of thinning bioregulators and its possible contribution to the understanding of ‘thinning variability’ in apples

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Antonios E. Tsagkarakis, Michael E. Rogers, and Timothy M. Spann

bioregulator-treated sorghum on green bug fecundity and feeding behavior: Implications for host-plant resistance Phytochemistry 23 1593 1596 Eissenstat, D.M. Duncan, L.W. 1992 Root growth and carbohydrate responses in bearing citrus trees following partial