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Mingying Xiang, Justin Q. Moss, Dennis L. Martin, Kemin Su, Bruce L. Dunn, and Yanqi Wu

its use through the transition zone and into the northern part of the United States ( Munshaw et al., 2004 ). Although scientists have developed and released bermudagrass cultivars with improved cold hardiness, the relative salinity tolerance of many

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Qi Zhang, Kevin Rue, and Sheng Wang

). These grasses exhibited adequate turf quality under mowed and non-mowed conditions when evaluated over a wide range of climates ( Mintenko et al., 2002 ; Watkins et al., 2011 ). High soil salinity, a common problem in turfgrass management, is caused by

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Lifei Chen, Youping Sun, Genhua Niu, Qiang Liu, and James Altland

Water and soil salinization are global problems and are more severe in water-scarce areas such as arid and semiarid regions, where groundwater is the primary source of water. The increasing population has intensified the competition for high

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Martin P.N. Gent, Wade H. Elmer, Kranti Macherla, and Richard J. McAvoy

; however, studies have shown over-watering by 10% to 30% is recommended to prevent salinity buildup in the root medium ( Mastalerz, 1977 ). By comparison, subirrigation, and in particular ebb and flow, systems use water more efficiently ( Dole et al., 1994

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Waltram Second Ravelombola, Ainong Shi, Yuejin Weng, John Clark, Dennis Motes, Pengyin Chen, and Vibha Srivastava

( Davis et al., 2012 ; Okiror et al., 2008 ). Germination is a pivotal step for crop propagation. Studies reported that germination is highly influenced by a large number of environmental factors. Mistura et al., (2011) stated that salinity affected

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Sheng Wang, Qi Zhang, and Eric Watkins

of buffalograss ( Buchloe dactyloides ), another native grass with similar ideal characteristics of xeriscaphytic turf ( Riordan and Browning, 2003 ). Low-input turfgrass must meet visual and functional requirement under minimum care. Salinity is a

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Bin Li, Ting Sang, Lizhong He, Jin Sun, Juan Li, and Shirong Guo

most important vegetables worldwide. It is highly sensitive to salinity, especially its germination and early growth phases ( Baysal and Tıpırdamaz, 2004 ). It has been showed that exogenous Spd can improve salt tolerance in cucumber ( Du et al., 2010

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Longyi Yuan, Deying Li, Yang Gao, and Wenjing Xiao

overall adaptation and turf quality under saline stress. The objective of this study was to determine the optimum ratios of KB, RF, and ALK for lawn quality subjected to frequent applications of deicing salts. Materials and methods The experiments were

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Yong Yang, Xueyong Liu, Yuanli Jiang, Zuoxiang Xiang, Qingguo Xu, Na Zhao, and Bichao Shu

Saline soils are widely distributed all over the world, especially in the arid and semiarid areas and coastland ( Cheong and Yun, 2007 ). Soil salinity may have a profound impact on plant growth. Previous studies have reported that soil salinization

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Nickolee Zollinger, Richard Koenig, Teresa Cerny-Koenig, and Roger Kjelgren

applications is limited because salinity levels are often higher than in primary or culinary sources. Salinity levels for some recycled water may be as low as 2 dS·m −1 ( Lindsey et al., 1998 ), whereas salinity levels for secondary water can exceed 5 dS·m −1