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Phillip A. Wadl, Xinwang Wang, Andrew N. Trigiano, John A. Skinner, Mark T. Windham, Robert N. Trigiano, Timothy A. Rinehart, Sandra M. Reed, and Vincent R. Pantalone

.), ornamental pear ( Pyrus calleryana ), and redbud ( Cercis spp.). Unfortunately, the Nursery Crops 2006 Summary does not provide estimates for total sales for individual crops classified in the deciduous flowering trees category. However, total sales of

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Michelle S. McGinnis, Stuart L. Warren, and Ted E. Bilderback

efficiencies. Stoven et al. (2006) reported NUE N of 6%, 14%, 36%, and 55% for Quercus rubra L. (red oak), Malus (Mill.) ‘Prairifire’ (Prairifire crabapple), Cercis canadensis L. (Eastern redbud), and Acer × freemai ‘Jeffersred’ (Autumn Blaze® maple

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Dewayne L. Ingram, Charles R. Hall, and Joshua Knight

spruce), and Cercis canadensis L. (redbud); and 0.9-m Judd viburnum ( Viburnum × juddi Rehder); and a 0.6-m ‘Densiformis’ yew ( Taxus × media Rehder) shrubs were reported to have propagation-to-landscape CF of 20.9 (adjusted for more inclusive fuel

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Rachelyn C. Dobson, Mary Rogers, Jennifer L.C. Moore, and Ricardo T. Bessin

; Owens et al., 2013 ; Zhu et al., 2012 ). Adult brown marmorated stink bugs overwinter under the bark of trees and feed on various types of trees after their emergence in the spring including lilac ( Syringa vulgaris ), maple ( Acer sp.), redbud

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H.M. Mathers, S.B. Lowe, C. Scagel, D.K. Struve, and L.T. Case

× freemanii ‘Jeffersred’), ‘Prairifire’ crabapple ( Malus sp.), eastern redbud ( Cercis canadensis ), and red oak ( Quercus rubra ) to similar height and caliper bareroot liners. They found container-grown materials had higher survival rates, caliper, and

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Dewayne L. Ingram, John M. Ruter, and Chris A. Martin

growth of red maple and redbud HortScience 46 721 726 Martin, C.A. Ingram, D.L. 1991a Evaluation of thermal properties and effect of irrigation on temperature dynamics in container media J. Environ. Hort. 9 24 28 Martin, C.A. Ingram, D.L. 1991b Root

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organic mulch placed on the soil surface surrounding the tree. Trees were planted in 2002. Data presented here includes four species: Acer truncatum (shantung maple), Cercis canadensis mexicana (Mexican redbud), Quercus muehlenbergii (chinquapin oak