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Alexander G. Litvin, Marc W. van Iersel, and Anish Malladi

management Agron. Sustain. Dev. 29 185 212 Galmes, J. Abadia, A. Medrano, H. Flexas, J. 2007 Photosynthesis and photoprotection responses to water stress in the wild-extinct plant Lysimachia minoricensis Environ. Expt. Bot. 60 308 317 Gong, P. Zhang, J. Li

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Peter M.A. Toivonen, Jared Stoochnoff, Kevin Usher, Changwen Lu, Paul A. Wiersma, and Chunhua Zhou

. 2010 Localization of screening pigments within plant cells and tissues, p. 67–88. In: A. Solovchenko (ed.). Photoprotection in plants: Optical screening-based mechanisms. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany Takos, A.M. Jaffé, F.W. Jacob, S.R. Bogs, J

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Krishna Nemali and Marc W. van Iersel

Austral. J. Plant Physiol. 13 33 43 Maxwell, K. Johnson, G.N. 2000 Chlorophyll fluorescence-a practical guide J. Expt. Bot. 51 659 668 Murchie, E.H. Niyogi, K.K. 2011 Manipulation of photoprotection to improve plant photosynthesis Plant Physiol. 155 86 92

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Cristián Vela-Hinojosa, Héctor B. Escalona-Buendía, José A. Mendoza-Espinoza, Juan M. Villa-Hernández, Ricardo Lobato-Ortíz, Juan E. Rodríguez-Pérez, and Laura J. Pérez-Flores

associated with flavor, health, and nutritional content because carotenoids are precursors of various aroma volatiles and play an important role in photoprotection and inhibiting lipid peroxidation. The strong antioxidant capacity, and the multiple benefits

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Yiguang Wang, Chao Zhang, Bin Dong, Yaohui Huang, Zhiyi Bao, and Hongbo Zhao

flower and fruit colors of plants, and they control the color change of plant tissues from pink, red, and purple to blue ( Grotewold, 2006 ). Carotenoids are accessory components for photosynthesis and play important roles in photoprotection. In addition

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Emily B. Merewitz and Sha Liu

Functional roles of flavonoids in photoprotection: New evidence, lessons from the past Plant Physiol. Biochem. 72 35 45 Arnao, M. Hernandez-Ruiz, J. 2015 Functions of melatonin in plants: A review J. Pineal Res. 59 133 150 Arnon, D.I. 1949 Copper enzymes in

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Heidi C. Anderson, Mary A. Rogers, and Emily E. Hoover

-B radiation during early development leads to enhanced photoprotection and improved long-term performance in Lactuca sativa Plant Cell Environ. 34 1401 1413 West, J.S. Pearson, S. Hadley, P. Wheldon, A.E. Davis, F.J. Gilbert, A. Henbest, R.G.C. 2000 Spectral

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Lingyan Chen, Jinli Lai, Tianyou He, Jundong Rong, Muhammad Waqqas Khan Tarin, and Yushan Zheng

distribution of carotenoid in variegated temple bamboo. Carotenoid could not only collect and transfer light energy, but also take an important role in photoprotection against photo-oxidation in plants ( Pan, 2012 ; Sun et al., 2011 ). In variegated temple

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Mingjun Li, Xuesen Chen, Pingping Wang, and Fengwang Ma

of several fundamental cellular processes [e.g., photoprotection, the cell cycle, and cell expansion ( Davey et al., 2000 )]. Moreover, a loss of the ability to synthesize AsA has occurred in primates and some other animals, and humans must secure it

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Dean A. Kopsell and Carl E. Sams

( Farnham and Kopsell, 2009 ). Chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments function in light harvesting and photoprotection in plants. Maximum absorption of chlorophyll a (Chl a ) and b (Chl b ) pigments are in the red (663 and 642 nm, respectively) and blue