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Shichao Wang, Xinlu Bai, Jianbin Zhou, and Zhujun Chen

inputs for the formula treatments were applied as base fertilizer. A topdressing of N and K fertilizer was applied using the drip irrigation system (fertigation) five to seven times equally at 10- to 15-d intervals when the first fruit began expansion

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M. Leonard Wells and Bruce W. Wood

application for pecan Pecan South 36 12 15 Storey, J.B. Stein, L. McEachern, G.R. 1986 Influence of nitrogen fertilization on pecan production in south Texas USA HortScience 21 855 Wells, M.L. 2006 Nutritional survey of Georgia pecan orchards and yield

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Mildred N. Makani, Steven A. Sargent, Lincoln Zotarelli, Donald J. Huber, and Charles A. Sims

). Water and nitrogen availability during plant growth can affect leaf growth and carbon partitioning, and subsequently the biochemical process involved in tuber skin-set ( Tyner et al., 1997 ). Northeast Florida accounts for the majority of the state

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Francesco Montemurro, Angelo Fiore, Gabriele Campanelli, Fabio Tittarelli, Luigi Ledda, and Stefano Canali

.F. 2001 Nitrogen cycling in low input legume-based agriculture, with emphasis on legume/grass pastures Plant Soil 228 43 59 Legislative decree No. 217 2006 Suppl. Ord. G.U. number 38, 15 Feb Luna, J.M. Mitchell, J.P. Shrestha, A. 2012 Conservation tillage

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Ryan W. Dickson, Kalyn M. Helms, Brian E. Jackson, Leala M. Machesney, and Jung Ae Lee

15 52 57 Schulten, H.R. Schnitzer, M. 1998 The chemistry of soil organic nitrogen: A review Biol. Fertil. Soils 26 1 15 Sonneveld, C. Voogt, W

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Richard J. Heerema, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Rolston St. Hilaire, Vince P. Gutschick, and Bethany Cook

-rich ( Singanusong et al., 2003 ; Wood and Reilly, 1984 ) and have N concentration of 1.5% to 2.0% ( Hammar and Hunter, 1946 ; Lewis and Hunter, 1944 ; Thor and Smith, 1935 ). Pecan fruit therefore constitute sizeable N sinks at the shoot level during the period

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Wendy S. Klooster, Bert M. Cregg, R. Thomas Fernandez, and Pascal Nzokou

price of nitrogen-based fertilizers. The overall goal of this project was to develop fertilizer and substrate recommendations to optimize growth of containerized conifers, reduce potential environmental impacts, and reduce costs for growers using the

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Xiaoya Cai, Laurie E. Trenholm, Jason Kruse, and Jerry B. Sartain

on 18 June 2009 in Trial 1 and on 15 Feb. 2010 in Trial 2. Grasses were mowed at 6.4 cm by hand monthly throughout each experiment. Nitrogen was applied to all pots at 5.0 g·m −2 as quick-release urea (46–0–0) every 60 d. The pots were rotated weekly

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Alexander X. Niemiera, Linda L. Taylor, and Jacob H. Shreckhise

, PTS with 1 kg·m −3 lime, and peatlite (PL), each fertilized with urea nitrogen (urea-N) at five rates. To produce PTS, ≈15-year-old loblolly pine trees were harvested at ground level, delimbed, chipped, and after 16 months of storage, hammermilled to

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Chao-Yi Lin and Der-Ming Yeh

, 1976 ). The tropical foliage species Aglaonema commutatum Schott, however, did not respond to increased K from 80 to 320 mg/15-cm pot per month ( Poole and Conover, 1977 ). Spathiphyllum ‘Sensation’ initially grew normally under K