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Nihat Guner, Zvezdana Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Luis A. Rivera-Burgos, and Todd C. Wehner

Eastern countries being the major producers and consumers ( FAO, 2015 ). Watermelon is grown for its fleshy, juicy, sweet fruit. Mostly eaten fresh, watermelon is delicious and refreshing, especially during hot weather ( Perkins-Veazie et al., 2001 ). In

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Jennifer Reeve and Dan Drost

and trace minerals. Composted poultry manure had a mean total N–P–K content of 16.7 g·kg −1 (± 3.46 se ), 22.7 g·kg −1 (± 1.32), and 18.1 g·kg −1 (± 1.44) respectively, and a C:N ratio of 8.2:1 (± 0.29). Compost additions were based on the yearly N

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Marianne Andresen and Nina Cedergreen

sensitivity toward the product and the efficiency of soil versus leaf application. Finally, strawberry plants were used in a biennial experiment to investigate the effect on fruit development and plant growth in the season of tea seed application and during

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Alexander Miller, Petrus Langenhoven, and Krishna Nemali

(RH) was not controlled but rather measured in the center of the greenhouse. The average RH during the study was 31.7 (±12.81) %. Plant materials and sowing. We grew eight lettuce cultivars belonging to different groups and leaf colors (a full list in

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Wendy A. Johnson, Raymond A. Cloyd, James R. Nechols, Kimberly A. Williams, Nathan O. Nelson, Dorith Rotenberg, and Megan M. Kennelly

of Canadian sphagnum peatmoss, vermiculite, perlite, a wetting agent, and trace amounts of N:P:K. Sixty-four 2-week old seedlings were transplanted into 16-cm black plastic containers (one seedling per container) with a soilless growing medium

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were then cut back and allowed to grow for an additional month. Virus symptoms developed on both varieties and leaves were collected for analyses of virus titers using real-time PCR. Characterization and Inheritance Assessment of Fruit and Leaf Shape

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Dong Sub Kim, Mark Hoffmann, Steven Kim, Bertha A. Scholler, and Steven A. Fennimore

yield. Samtani et al. (2011) showed that the combination of steam and a liquid organic fertilizer application (AgroThrive, 2.5–2.5–1.5 NPK) reduced the weed density similar to steam alone and resulted in more marketable strawberry fruit than steam

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Lívia Lopes Coelho, Amalia Fkiara, Kathryn Kuligowska Mackenzie, Renate Müller, and Henrik Lütken

plant growth and development, such as seed germination, stem elongation, leaf expansion, shortening of juvenile phase and floral transitioning, and fruit patterning ( Hedden, 2016 ). Gaskin et al. (1973) observed that the level of gibberellins

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Sebastian Weissbein, Zeev Wiesman, Yhonathan Ephrath, and Moshe Silberbush

≈2 mg·g −1 of Cl − and 4 to 5 mg·g −1 sodium on a leaf dry weight basis, and it was suggested that injury is better correlated with sodium than with chloride ( Al-Saket and Aesheh, 1987 ; Bernstein, 1975 ; Gucci and Tattini 1997 ; Klein et al

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Justine E. Vanden Heuvel and Martin C. Goffinet

from the vine or from older uprights ( Eck, 1990 ) and bear fruit biennially ( Strik et al., 1991 ). There are several indications that cranberry vines are under significant carbohydrate stress, including low fruit set ( Roper and Vorsa, 1997