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Elisabeth M. Meyer, Thomas G. Ranney, Thomas A. Eaker, and Kelly Ivors

. Results and Discussion The noninoculated control plants did not exhibit symptoms of infection by P. cinnamomi throughout the duration of the study (data not shown). Among the inoculated plants, none of the S. khasiana or S. wallichii exhibited

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Xiaohui Lin, Hongbo Li, Shenggen He, Zhenpei Pang, Shuqin Lin, and Hongmei Li

epidermis. ( I ) Absence of stomata in adaxial bract epidermis. Scale bar = 100 μm; scale bar in inset = 10 μm. Stomatal density and morphological parameters. There were significant differences among the various parts of cut carnations in terms of SD ( Table

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Nuananong Purente, Bin Chen, Xiaowei Liu, Yunwei Zhou, and Miao He

Chrysanthemum indicum var. aromaticum is a perennial herb plant belonging to the family Compositae, in which all parts have a special fragrance. In China, C. indicum var. aromaticum was first cultivated as a flowering herb, and both the

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Xinjuan Chen, Zhujun Zhu, Joska Gerendás, and Nadine Zimmermann

% to 75% for the indolic group, and 8% to 15% for the aromatic group. Some research reports that differences in GS levels among plant organs were related to the ability of synthesis and storage of each organ ( Clossais-Besnard and Larher, 1991 ; Rosa

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Tongyin Li, Guihong Bi, Richard L. Harkess, Geoffrey C. Denny, Eugene K. Blythe, and Xiaojie Zhao

< 0.05. Plant growth. Growth of azalea transplants were uniform starting from 2 weeks after transplanting, with no significant difference in PGI or SPAD readings among all treatment combinations (data not shown). By the time of destructive harvest in

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Zhanao Deng and Brent K. Harbaugh

‘Gingerland’, ‘Aaron’, and ‘Candidum Junior’ are unknown, although ‘Candidum Junior’ is suspected to be a field mutation of ‘Candidum’ ( Wilfret, 1991 ). Fig. 3. Pedigree of caladium cultivar caladium 75-14. Description Color designations for plant parts [e

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Genhua Niu and Denise S. Rodriguez

pruned shoot DW, high salinity led to lower shoot DW, but dominant salt type did not affect the pruned shoot DW. No differences in the second pruned shoot DW among salinity treatments were found. The effect of dominant salt type on plant growth varied

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Charalambos I. Siminis and Manolis N. Stavrakakis

among the cultivated plant species and particularly in grapevine, which is induced in calcareous and alkaline soils and is known as Fe chlorosis ( Mengel, 1995 ). Impaired Fe nutrition causes severe symptoms in grapevine such as chlorotic leaves and

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Alexandra García-Castro, Astrid Volder, Hermann Restrepo-Diaz, Terri W. Starman, and Leonardo Lombardini

observed that net photosynthesis increased rapidly during the recovery period, and there were no differences between drought-stressed plants and well-watered plants at the end of the experiment. It is widely documented that abiotic stresses, such as water

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Harmandeep Sharma, Manoj K. Shukla, Paul W. Bosland, and Robert L. Steiner

differences in g S values among control, deficit (both sides irrigated at 50% of field capacity), and PRD (alternate irrigation at field capacity) treatments for potatoes. To meet the peak water demand, chile plants under both PRD treatments seemed to