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Viviane de Oliveira Souza, Margarete Magalhães Souza, Alex-Alan Furtado de Almeida, Joedson Pinto Barroso, Alexandre Pio Viana, and Cláusio Antônio Ferreira de Melo

coloring branch. The evaluations were performed 111 d after treatments, between January and April, and included a total of 105 observation days (16 weeks). Quantitative data were obtained with the use of a digital caliper and ruler. Qualitative

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Yanxia Zhao, Guimei Qi, Fengshan Ren, Yongmei Wang, Pengfei Wang, and Xinying Wu

improved the coloring and increased the anthocyanin accumulation of grapes berries at veraison ( Sun et al., 2011 ; Wang et al., 2016 ; Zhu et al., 2016 ). Previous studies have described the improved color development of red cultivars, including Olympia

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Andrew L. Thomas, Patrick L. Byers, and Mark R. Ellersieck

, food coloring, beverages, and wine, whereas the flowers are consumed cooked, in beverages, wine, or as an infusion. The medicinal attributes of elderberry are becoming well known (e.g., Charlebois et al., 2010 ; Thomas et al., 2008 ; Zakay-Rones et

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Xing-Zheng Fu, Fei Xing, Li Cao, Chang-Pin Chun, Li-Li Ling, Cai-Lun Jiang, and Liang-Zhi Peng

0.025% organosilicone, turned green, except for a small number of leaves that still showed slight yellow coloring ( Fig. 2 ). Determination of chlorophyll showed that after 60 d of treatments, chlorophyll content was significantly decreased in

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Min Deng, Jianjun Chen, Richard J. Henny, and Qiansheng Li

, which include ‘Gold Dust’ (Co15) and ‘Punctatum’ (Co26). In contrast to breeding activities in Europe and Florida, breeding in Thailand was focused on developing smaller plant types with radically different leaf shapes and new, more brilliant coloring

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Craig Brodersen, Cody Narciso, Mary Reed, and Ed Etxeberria

years, new leaves do not grow to their typical size, are often upright in orientation, and remain a pale yellow color, never developing the dark green coloring of healthy leaves ( Fig. 1 ). These observations suggest that, for a yet undetermined period

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Mary Ann D. Maquilan, Dominick C. Padilla, Donald W. Dickson, and Bala Rathinasabapathi

alternative to methyl bromide for managing Meloidogyne incognita in pepper J. Nematol. 34 374 377 Thies, J.A. Merrill, S.B. Corley, E.L. 2002 Red food coloring stain: New, safer procedures for staining nematodes in roots and egg masses on root surfaces J

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Baldev Lamba and Grace Chapman

gardening, using native plants and food plants. I especially liked researching xeriscaping and learning about the adaptations plants have in order to survive in drier environments, such as having grey-green coloring and thick waxy, cuticles.” C. Harwick

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Meng Li, Huanhuan Zhi, and Yu Dong

( Tables 2–4 ). Therefore, it was difficult to definitively conclude the effects of GB on fruit coloring. Ragab et al. (2015) reported that foliar application of 5 to 20 mmol·L −1 of GB under deficit irrigation promoted high SSC levels in tomato fruit

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Hongmei Xia, Wenbin Zhen, Dongyang Chen, and Wen Zeng

. Li, L. 2016 A novel progressively delivered fruit bagging apparatus J. Appl. Hort. 18 2 1644 1649 Huang, C. Yu, B. Teng, Y. Su, J. Shu, Q. Cheng, Z. Zeng, L. 2009 Effects of fruit bagging on coloring and related physiology, and qualities of red