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Fuad Gasi, Silvio Simon, Naris Pojskic, Mirsad Kurtovic, Ivan Pejic, Mekjell Meland, and Clive Kaiser

-joining cluster analysis, based on the mentioned genetic distance, was performed in MEGA 5 software (Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis) ( Tamura et al., 2011 ). A multivariate analyses, FCA, based on allele frequencies was performed using Genetix 4

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Fanjuan Meng, Mu Peng, and Fachun Guan

analysis. The relationship among all of the individuals was also estimated using PCoA. The results of the PCoA analysis largely corresponded to those obtained using cluster analysis. The three principal axes accounted for 2.6%, 5.79%, and 25.26% of the

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Xinwang Wang, Phillip A. Wadl, Cecil Pounders, Robert N. Trigiano, Raul I. Cabrera, Brian E. Scheffler, Margaret Pooler, and Timothy A. Rinehart

) overall loci was obtained using FSTAT software. Significance of Fis was determined using the randomization test implemented in FSTAT ( Weir and Cockerham, 1984 ). Cluster analysis. Populations 1.2.30 was used for phenetic analyses ( Langella, 2002

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Kang Hee Cho, Jung Ho Noh, Seo Jun Park, Se Hee Kim, Dae-Hyun Kim, and Jae An Chun

based on ampelography, which is the analysis and comparison of morphological characteristics of leaf shape, fruit clusters, and berries ( Galet, 1979 ). However, phenotypic observations are affected by environmental conditions and cultural management

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Benard Yada, Gina Brown-Guedira, Agnes Alajo, Gorrettie N. Ssemakula, Robert O.M. Mwanga, and G. Craig Yencho

matrix was subjected to cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling for graphical display of genetic relationships. The dendrogram was constructed using the unweighted pair group method of arithmetic averages (UPGMA) algorithm. All the analyses were

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Narinder P.S. Dhillon, Supannika Sanguansil, Roland Schafleitner, Yen-Wei Wang, and James D. McCreight

traits of 114 bitter gourd cultigens (accessions and landraces through inbreeding, open-pollinated lines released by the World Vegetable Center, and commercial hybrid cultivars) subjected to genetic diversity analysis based on simple sequence repeat

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Vanina Cravero, Eugenia Martín, and Enrique Cointry

, genetic distances were calculated according to standardized Jaccard's distance index (JDI). Both matrices were subjected to cluster analysis, one dendrogram was created for morphologic traits and another was made for the molecular data using in both cases

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Bhaskar Bondada

shrivel clusters from afflicted grapevines and shoots devoid of SOUR shrivel clusters from perfectly healthy grapevines were sampled for comparing structure and fruit composition. Fruit compositional analysis. Healthy and afflicted clusters from the same

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David Jesús Gil-Ariza, Iraida Amaya, José Manuel López-Aranda, José Federico Sánchez-Sevilla, Miguel Ángel Botella, and Victoriano Valpuesta

approaches: graphic clustering from similarity data, a Bayesian model-based clustering method, and an analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA). The genetic similarity (GS) between cultivars was calculated with presence/absence data for each cultivar according

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Ryan W. Dickson, Paul R. Fisher, and William R. Argo

meq of acid or base produced per container volume of substrate (350 mL) were independent and dependent variables, respectively. PROC FASTCLUS k -means cluster analysis was used in combination with PROC FREQ to separate species into three clusters that