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Raymond A. Cloyd, Karen A. Marley, Richard A. Larson, and Bari Arieli

® original brand fabric softener dryer sheets into the pockets of clothing repels mosquitoes (RAC, personal observation). Bounce® original brand fabric softener dryer sheets (Procter and Gamble, Cincinnati, OH), which contain biodegradable cationic softeners

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Guoqiang Wang, Ping Qu, Hongying Huang, Guofeng Wu, and Haijun Yan

Biochar as a sorbent for contaminant management in soil and water: A review Chemosphere 99 19 33 Arancibia, M.Y. López-Caballero, M.E. Gómez-Guillén, M.C. Montero, P. 2014 Release of volatile compounds and biodegradability of active soy protein lignin

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Heidi M. Wollaeger, Kristin L. Getter, and Bridget K. Behe

consumer preferences for a wide range of ornamental products, such as Christmas trees ( Behe et al., 2005b ), landscapes ( Behe et al., 2005a ; Zagaden et al., 2008 ), plant containers ( Hall et al., 2010 ), and mixed flowering annual containers ( Mason et

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Xiang Cao, Darrell Bosch, and James Pease

plants grown in biodegradable vs. plastic containers. Michaud et al. (2012) found that consumers were willing to pay an average premium of €1.91 ($2.56) per stem for roses with an eco-label and an average premium of €2.51 ($3.36) per stem for roses

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Alba J. Collart, Stephen L. Meyers, and Jason K. Ward

damage in organic apples [ Malus × domestica ( Yue et al., 2009 )], biodegradable plant containers ( Yue at al., 2010 ), labeled native and invasive plants ( Yue et al., 2012 ), pomegranates [ Punica × granatum ( McAdams et al., 2013 )], energy and

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Kristin L. Getter and Bridget K. Behe

., 2005a ), plant containers ( Hall et al., 2010 ), mixed flowering annual containers ( Mason et al., 2008 ), and native plants ( Zagaden et al., 2008 ). Four attributes (longevity, price, species of shade-tolerant impatiens alternatives, and species of

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Joseph P. Albano and Donald J. Merhaut

promising candidate compound is [S, S′]-EDDS, a biodegradable chelating agent with a structure and chemistry similar to that of EDTA ( Albano, 2011 ). In a previous study ( Albano, 2011 ), FeEDDS was deemed to be a suitable Fe chelate source in comparison

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Paraskevi A. Londra, Maria Psychoyou, and John D. Valiantzas

container-grown plants, in roof gardens, and sports fields. Urea–formaldehyde resin foam and its effect on plant growth has been the subject of study as an amendment for soils and organic substrates for several researchers ( Chan and Joyce, 2007 ; Mooney

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Alyssa J. DeVincentis, Robin G. Brumfield, Paul Gottlieb, and James R. Johnson

containers and greenhouses. These operations normally pull water from local aquifers, but access may be affected by water shortages. In general, water costs are higher in the west, particularly in California, which leads to higher production cost and reduced

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Jiffinvir Khosa, Robyn Lee, Srishti Joshi, Martin Shaw, John McCallum, and Richard Macknight

cool conditions in sealed containers over desiccants or in a dedicated cabinet or seed store to prolong viability. Clonal multiplication of single plants is possible through “twin-scaling” methods widely used in bulbing monocots ( https