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Peter H. Dernoeden, John E. Kaminski, and Jinmin Fu

two or three applications of mesotrione at 0.28 or 0.42 kg·ha −1 a.i. beginning in early June provided inconsistent levels (13%–92%) of CBG control. The 0.42 kg·ha −1 a.i. rate applied three times, however, provided 92% to 100% CBG control in both

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Andrew J. Hephner, Tyler Cooper, Leslie L. Beck, and Gerald M. Henry

. However, metsulfuron and trifloxysulfuron treatments exhibited 54% or less khakiweed control 2 WAIT regardless of rate. Injury symptoms after application of metsulfuron and trifloxysulfuron have been reported to take greater than 1 to 2 weeks to appear

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Diana R. Cochran, Richard L. Harkess, Patricia R. Knight, Maria Tomaso-Peterson, Eugene K. Blythe, and Charles H. Gilliam

, respectively ( Fig. 1 ). Four rates of Regalia ® were applied based on the recommended label rate of 0.48 g·L −1 of active ingredient: 0.0× (water only), 0.5× (5 mL·L −1 ), 1.0× (10 mL·L −1 ), or 1.5× (15 mL·L −1 ). Foliar applications of Regalia ® were made

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Simone da Costa Mello, Francis J. Pierce, Rachel Tonhati, Guilherme Silva Almeida, Durval Dourado Neto, and Kiran Pavuluri

Brazil is high with an average K application rate of 189 kg·ha −1 reported by Bernardi et al. (2002) and 166 kg·ha −1 reported by IBGE (2017) but varies considerably: 199–374 kg K/ha, 64–250 kg N/ha, and 196–371 kg P/ha ( Schepers et al., 2015

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Christian M. Baldwin, Eugene K. Blythe, A. Douglas Brede, Jami J. Mayer, and R. Golembiewski

–6.6P–12.5K the day of seeding and again 2 weeks after seeding. An additional fertilizer application using the same rate and product was applied in mid-September of both years. Irrigation was not applied after fertilizer applications. Once established

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Catarina Saude, Mary Ruth McDonald, and Sean Westerveld

; MacKenzie, 1981 ; Soltanpour and Harrison, 1974 ; Vintal et al., 1999 ; White et al., 1983 ). For instance, on carrot, ALB severity was reduced by increasing N application rate in Michigan ( Warncke, 1996 ), Ontario ( Westerveld et al., 2002 ), and Israel

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Christian M. Baldwin, A. Douglas Brede, and Jami J. Mayer

stands of PRG. Bispyribac-sodium has shown promise, but efficacy depends on temperature, rate, and application timing for acceptable ABG control with minimal PRG injury ( McCullough and Hart, 2009 ). Williams et al. (2009) reported minimal PRG toxicity

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Xi Xiong, Ken Diesburg, and Daniel T. Lloyd

identified in 2011 from a golf course fairway in Missouri ( Binkholder et al., 2011 ). After more than 10 years of glyphosate applications in dormant ‘Meyer’ zoysiagrass at rates up to 0.62 kg·ha −1 , a biotype of annual bluegrass survived glyphosate at 6

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Charles L. Webber III, James W. Shrefler, and Merritt J. Taylor

’ carrot ( Daucus carota ) compared with the control. These findings resulted in a recommendation not to apply CGM even at the lowest application rate (100 g·m −2 ) to direct-seeded vegetables ( McDade and Christians, 2000 ). Webber and Shrefler (2007b

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D. Scott NeSmith

applications were made with an air-blast sprayer at a spray delivery rate of 374 L·ha −1 . There were four replications of each treatment on both ‘Brightwell’ and ‘Climax’ at the location. In Griffin, plots were single plants, and CPPU was applied using a