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Richard Martinson, John Lambrinos, and Ricardo Mata-González

elements. One approach to reducing the water footprint of urban landscapes is using more species that have unique adaptations for tolerating extended periods of water stress. These species could be used to design landscapes that provide a range of functions

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Hua Shen, Hongmei Du, Zhaolong Wang, and Bingru Huang

fluorescence (Fv/Fm), with a leaf photochemical efficiency analyzer (OS 1FL; Opti-Sciences, Hudson, NH). Leaves were exposed to darkness for 30 min before readings were taken to allow dark adaptation of leaves. Cellular membrane stability was estimated by

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Shuang Han, Jiafu Jiang, Huiyun Li, Aiping Song, Sumei Chen, and Fadi Chen

species ( White and Critchley, 1999 ). One such adaptation involves resetting the photosynthetic machinery to cope with a changed light regime. Medium- and short-term adjustments in photosynthetic efficiency can be captured by RLC analysis ( Waldhoff et al

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Ying Yang, Xian-Ge Hu, Bingsong Zheng, Yue Li, Tongli Wang, Anket Sharma, Huwei Yuan, and Jian-Feng Mao

proteasome (ko03050), alpha-Linolenic acid metabolism (ko00592), and protein digestion and absorption (ko04974). Additionally, por-miR16, -miR44, -miR60-5p, -miR69-3p, -miR166b-5p, and por-miR395c also were identified in environmental adaptation pathway by

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David Jesús Gil-Ariza, Iraida Amaya, José Manuel López-Aranda, José Federico Sánchez-Sevilla, Miguel Ángel Botella, and Victoriano Valpuesta

environmental conditions and as a result, cultivars display variable adaptations ( Hancock, 1999 ). Each breeding program searches for cultivars adapted to specific climatic conditions. However, the sources of variability within the species are reduced to a

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Zhimin Yang, Lixin Xu, Jingjin Yu, Michelle DaCosta, and Bingru Huang

severe drought stress would facilitate the development of perennial grass species for use as turfgrass in areas with extended periods of drought stress or with limited irrigation. Plant adaptation to drought stress involves changes in various metabolic

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Mark W. Farnham and Thomas Björkman

adaptation. Ultimately, only a few hybrids out of dozens examined initially contributed to the starting germplasm pool from which selections were made. Since making the original selections, this project has advanced through several cycles of recombination

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Bekele G. Abeyo, Robert C. Shearman, Roch E. Gaussoin, Leonard A. Wit, Desalegn D. Serba, and Ugur Bilgili

fescue species may be dependent on selecting compatible turfgrass color types as well as compatibility relating to species competition. Hence, careful selection of the right buffalograss cultivar with improved adaptation and compatibility with blue fescue

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Adonai Gimenez Calbo, Marcos David Ferreira, and José Dalton Cruz Pessoa

lamina compression method adaptation to measure the leaf turgor-dependent firmness pressure ( Calbo and Pessoa, 2009 ). This wiltmeter was assembled with a flattening plate [ Fig. 1 (1)] having a few (greater than five) nearly centralized orifices [ Fig

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Xunzhong Zhang, Wenli Wu, Erik H. Ervin, Chao Shang, and Kim Harich

courses and other turf surfaces to save water. The complex regulatory processes of plant salt adaptation involve control of water flux, cellular osmotic adjustment, and hormonal regulation ( Golldack et al., 2014 ; Ryu and Cho, 2015 ). The decline of cell