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Loretta Bacchetta, Maria Aramini, Claudia Bernardini, and Eddo Rugini

GEN RES 068 Safenut EU program covering the characterization, conservation, and utilization of genetic resources. Materials and Methods Development of the hazelnut-specific medium. Prunus dulcis was chosen as the reference species

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Omar Carrillo-Mendoza, José X. Chaparro, and Jeffrey Williamson

growth, moderately strong apical dominance, and 1-year-old fruiting shoots, requiring fair to intensive pruning ( Marini and Corelli-Grappadelli, 2006 ). There is additional genetic diversity for tree structure in closely related Prunus species that

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Meiling Yang, Fang Li, Hong Long, Weiwei Yu, Xiuna Yan, Bin Liu, Yunxiu Zhang, Guorong Yan, and Wenqin Song

700–1500 m. Prunus amygdalus Batsch is the major accompanying plant of M. sieversii , growing together in forests. In the low elevation region, the ground was sparsely covered with grass ( Fig. 2D ). Geographic coordinates of each region for

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Gerardo H. Nunez, James W. Olmstead, and Rebecca L. Darnell

proton extrusion in response to iron deficiency ( Dell’Orto et al., 2000 ; Gogorcena et al., 2001 ; Gonzalo et al., 2011 ). On the other hand, wild apple ( Malus baccata ) and peach-almond hybrids ( Prunus amygdalus × Prunus persica ) are not capable

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Ana Morales-Sillero, María Paz Suárez, María Rocío Jiménez, Laura Casanova, José Ordovás, and Pilar Rallo

75 84 Grigorian, V. 1972 L’embriogenèse chez l’Armandier ( Prunus amygdalus Batsch) étude comparéde la dormance des graines et de la dormance des bourgerons végétatifs. PhD diss., Univ. of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France Hammami, S.B.M. León, L. Rapoport

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Stanisław Pluta, Edward Żurawicz, Marcin Studnicki, and Wiesław Mądry

( Nikolic et al., 2010 )], almond ( Prunus amygdalus ), and related Prunus species ( Nikoumanesh et al., 2011 ) as well as blackcurrant ( Pluta et al., 2012 ). Statistical analysis. Two types of statistical analyses of the mean plot data for agronomic

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Randy S. Sanderlin

1066 Ledbetter, C.A. Rogers, E.E. 2009 Differential susceptibility of Prunus germplasm (Subgenus Amygdalus ) to a California isolate of Xylella fastidiosa HortScience. 44 1928 1931 Littrell, R.H. Worley, R.E. 1975 Relative susceptibility of pecan

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Pontia Fallahi, and Shahla Mahdavi

( Diospyros kaki ), apple, pear, quince, apricot, almond ( Prunus amygdalus ), and persian walnut ( Juglans regia ). Among the nonfruit trees are turkish pine, iranian cedar, persian maple ( Acer velutinum ), weeping willow ( Salix babylonica ), mountain ash

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Ossama Kodad and Rafel Socias i Company

influencing the final yield. These factors are both genetic or internal and environmental or external, furthermore affected by their interaction. As a result of the small almond ( Prunus amygdalus Batsch) fruit size, crop regularity requires the formation

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Craig A. Ledbetter and Mark S. Sisterson

. 1981 Inheritance of nut and kernel traits in almond ( Prunus amygdalus Batsch) Euphytica 30 167 174 UPOV 1978 Almond. Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness, homogeneity and stability. TG/56/3 Apr. 2010 < http