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Ming Li, Toyoki Kozai, Katsumi Ohyama, Shigeharu Shimamura, Kaori Gonda, and Tetsuo Sekiyama

predetermined level. Seven heat pumps (total cooling and heating capacity: 154 and 145 kW; Daikin Industries Ltd., Japan) were installed in the commercial CSAL for controlling the air temperature. Lettuce plants and growth conditions. Lettuce plants ( Lactuca

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Meredith V. Melendez, Joseph R. Heckman, Stephanie Murphy, and Frank D’Amico

on lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) grown in the sampled soils in a greenhouse study. The gathered information was used to determine if copper levels had changed on individual farms over time and if these levels are excessive enough to cause phytotoxicity

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William D. Afton, Kathryn K. Fontenot, Jeff S. Kuehny, and Carl E. Motsenbocker

Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) is a commonly consumed vegetable crop in current food systems. In 2009, the per-capita consumption of lettuce was estimated to be 28 lb annually [ U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), 2011a ]. Lettuce is consumed fresh

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Alejandro R. Puerta, Suguru Sato, Yutaka Shinohara, and Toru Maruo

Biol. 32 125 135 10.2525/ecb1963.32.125 Cooper, A. 1979 The ABC of NFT Grower Books London Demšar, J. Osvald, J. Vodnik, D. 2004 The effect of light-dependent application of nitrate on the growth of aeroponically grown lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) J

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Theekshana C. Jayalath, George E. Boyhan, Elizabeth L. Little, Robert I. Tate, and Suzanne O’Connell

Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) is a popular, cool-season vegetable with a total U.S. production value of nearly $1.5 billion in 2013 ( AgMRC, 2015 ). From 2005 to 2011, the amount of U.S. farmland allocated to the organic lettuce production increased

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Weiling Yuan, Shangyong Yuan, Zhixiong Liu, Leifu Chen, and Zhengming Qiu

. 2004 In vitro calcium bioavailability of vegetables, legumes and seeds J. Food Compos. Anal. 17 311 320 Keat, C. Meng-Wei, L. Ling, C. 1999 Effects of nutrient composition on butterhead lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L. cv. Panama) grown in deep flow

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Rolston St. Hilaire, Theodore W. Sammis, and John G. Mexal

. Soil preparation and seeding the hoop houses. On 11 Oct. 2006 and 18 Sept. 2007, seeds of ‘Cherry Belle’ radish ( Raphanus sativus ) and ‘Black-Seeded Simpson’ lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) were hand-sown in two sets of three 12-ft-long rows, spaced 10

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Adonai Gimenez Calbo, Marcos David Ferreira, and José Dalton Cruz Pessoa

lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.), kale ( Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala ), and chicory ( Cichorium endivia L.) leaves were harvested in the morning, placed in plastic bags, and brought to the São Carlos Embrapa Instrumentation Laboratory, where

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Huangjun Lu, Alan L. Wright, and David Sui

July 2011. < >. Reinink, K. Dieleman, F.L. 1989 Comparison of sources of resistance to leaf aphids in lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) Euphytica 40 21 29 Reinink, K. Dieleman, F.L. Jansen, J. Montenarie

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Sofía Gómez and Celina Gómez

( Lactuca sativa ) is one of the most popular crops produced by the indoor farming industry, the objective of this study was to quantify and compare growth and quality of hydroponic lettuce plants grown indoors using different biostimulant products. We