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Carlos R. Quesada, Adam Witte, and Clifford S. Sadof

they target the most susceptible stages of scales while minimizing impact on natural enemies ( Cloyd, 2010 ; Frank, 2012 ; Rebek and Sadof, 2003 ; Robayo-Camacho and Chong, 2015 ). As such, pesticides that have been categorized by the U

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Jon Y. Suzuki, Tracie K. Matsumoto, Lisa M. Keith, and Roxana Y. Myers

μL. Primer design. Anthurium chloroplast gene marker primers were adapted from the Lemna minor chloroplast DNA barcode primer sequence ( Wang et al., 2010 ) and target Anthurium polymerase chain reaction (PCR) product lengths estimated using

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Jeff B. Million and Thomas H. Yeager

the three LF measurements per line. The average LF of the three test containers per line (LF 1 ) and the run time (RT 1 ) were used to calculate a new irrigation run time (RT 2 ) based on a target LF (LF 2 ) of 25% according to: RT 2 = RT 1 × ( 100

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Christopher J. Currey and Roberto G. Lopez

program that has a minimum and maximum target height range based on the cultivar response time, height at pinching, and final desired height ( Fisher and Heins, 2002 ). Actual plant height of a subset of the population is measured weekly and plotted on the

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Kelly J. Vining, Q Zhang, C.A. Smith, and T.M. Davis

, RNBS-A-D, and GLPL motifs ( Meyers et al., 1999 ). R gene analogs (RGAs) are sequences sharing these conserved NBS motifs. Such NBS motifs were first exploited as target sites for degenerate primer polymerase chain reactions (PCRs) for the purpose of

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Jonathan Tong, Cyril Rakovski, and Anuradha Prakash

that targets a wide range of insect pests but it is in the process of being phased out because of its depleting effect on the ozone layer ( US, EPA, 2013 ). Fumigation requires breaking the cold chain as the fruit must be fumigated at ambient

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Guo-qing Song, Hideo Honda, and Ken-ichi Yamaguchi

( Otani and Shimada, 2002 ; Otani et al., 2003 ; Wakita et al., 2001 ). To obtain sufficient expression levels of transgenes in target tissues of genetically engineered sweetpotato plants, the selection of promoters is crucial. To date, few tissue

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James S. Owen Jr, Stuart L. Warren, Ted E. Bilderback, and Joseph P. Albano

America, Chicago) ( Moll and Goss, 1997 ). The two target LFs were 0.20 and 0.10 and two rates of P were 1.0× (recommended rate) and 0.5×. The experiment was conducted from 25 May 2004 to 16 Sept. 2004 at the Horticulture Field Laboratory. (lat. 35°47′37″N

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Hanseul Park and Yeh-Jin Ahn

RedE/RedT-mediated homologous recombination ( Zhang et al., 2000 ). The insertion of a recombinant gene directly into the genome of the target organism has advantages over the use of episomal vectors: it provides experimental simplicity without having

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Tracy A. Boyer, D. Harshanee W. Jayasekera, and Justin Q. Moss

, commercial water customers have seldom been the research and policy target by decision-makers and they overall seem less responsive to price and nonpricing conservation programs than residential customers in outdoor water conservation. The objective of this