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Ricardo Hernández and Chieri Kubota

greater g S in treatments with higher percent blue PF in cucumbers and the difference was more evident under higher PPF. Hogewoning et al. (2010b) attributed the increase in g S in part to the increase in stomatal density in the adaxial leaf surface

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Joshua K. Craver, Chad T. Miller, Kimberly A. Williams, and Daniel L. Boyle

cells underwent significant hypertrophy above the epidermis soon after the initiation of lesion development with no apparent signs of cellular suberization. UVB has been found to reduce stomatal density and opening on rice [ Oryza sativa ( Dai et al

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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, Mengmeng Gu, and Joseph Masabni

enriching chlorophyll content, increasing stomatal density, and improving enzyme activity ( Bugbee, 2016 ; Fan et al., 2013 ; Li, 2010 ). The chlorophyll concentration, stomatal conductance, and P n in cucumber were positively correlated with BP ranging

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Hadi Susilo, Ying-Chun Peng, Shui-Cheng Lee, Yu-Chun Chen, and Yao-Chien Alex Chang

Phalaenopsis plants is not directly related to stomatal density. Numerous studies have been conducted to elucidate the mechanism of foliar absorption of nutrients in various plant species, which is now known to occur primarily through the cuticular region

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Craig J. Frey, Xin Zhao, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Dustin M. Huff, and Zachary E. Black

). Transpiration rates may be affected by the decrease in light intensity in high tunnels because lower light generally results in thinner, larger leaves with lower stomatal densities ( Royer, 2001 ); therefore, season extension into the summer rainy season may

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Joshua K. Craver, Krishna S. Nemali, and Roberto G. Lopez

decreased leaf area (LA) and increased leaf mass area (LMA). Blue radiation alone or in combination with red wavelengths also affects stomatal density and aperture, with phototropins ( phot1 and phot2 ) believed to be the photoreceptors responsible for

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Dalong Zhang, Yuping Liu, Yang Li, Lijie Qin, Jun Li, and Fei Xu

negative pressures in a synthetic tree Nature 455 208 212 Xu, Z. Zhou, G. 2008 Responses of leaf stomatal density to water status and its relationship with photosynthesis in a grass J. Expt. Bot. 59 3317 3325 Yang, H. Du, T. Qiu, R. Chen, J. Wang, F. Li, Y

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Min Zhang, Xiuxin Deng, Changping Qin, Chunli Chen, Hongyan Zhang, Qing Liu, Zhiyong Hu, Linlin Guo, Wenhua Song, Yong Tan, and Shengcai Liao

of 20 stomatal guard cells and the stomatal density were determined by the MEASURE function in Image-Pro 3DS 5.1 software (Media Cybernetics, Silver Spring, Md.) according to Kadota and Niimi (2002) . For analysis of the leaf transversal section

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Jianping P. Wang, Suleiman S. Bughrara, and C. Jerry Nelson

loss. Large root systems that increase water uptake efficiency ( McCully, 1999 ; Weerathaworn et al., 1992 ) and adapted leaf characteristics, such as lower specific leaf area and lower stomatal density that reduce water loss, are examples

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Daniel Leskovar and Yahia Othman

development and subsequent crop yields HortScience 40 607 610 Voleníková, M. Tichá, I. 2001 Insertion profiles in stomatal density and sizes in Nicotiana tabacum L. plantlets Biol. Plant. 44 161 165 Zhang, M. Forde, B. 1998 An Arabidopsis MADS box gene