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Raúl I. Cabrera, Alma R. Solís-Pérez, and John J. Sloan

irrelevant in an ecological sense ( Greenway and Munns, 1980 ). The main objectives of our studies were to evaluate the interactive effects of salinity and rootstock selection in greenhouse rose yield, quality, and ion accumulation responses considering

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Vania Lanari, Oriana Silvestroni, Alberto Palliotti, Alan Green, and Paolo Sabbatini

Not much is known about the influence of leaf position on photosynthesis in water-stressed leaves. We do know that stomatal control of water loss is an early plant response to water deficit under field conditions ( Chaves, 1991 ; Cornic and

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Kirsten L. Lloyd, Donald D. Davis, Richard P. Marini, and Dennis R. Decoteau

( Hoshika et al., 2019 ), potentially increasing nocturnal O 3 flux into the leaf. However, a better understanding of the potential for nighttime O 3 injury is needed to establish dose-response models and direct air quality policies ( U.S. Environmental

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Feifei Li, Da Zhan, Lixin Xu, Liebao Han, and Xunzhong Zhang

response to heat stress in both cultivars with a dramatic increase being observed at 28 d ( Fig. 1A ). ‘Kenblue’ had a greater EL than ‘EverGlade’ at all sampling dates except for 0 d. The EL in ‘Kenblue’ was 58% greater than that in ‘EverGlade’ at 28 d. No

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Hans C. Wien

termed branching cultivars ( Armitage and Laushman, 2003 ). The response of oilseed cultivars ( Majid and Schneiter, 1987 ; Robinson et al., 1980 ) and cut flower sunflower ( Wien, 2016 ) to planting density have been well documented; however, the

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Timothy L. Righetti, David R. Sandrock, Bernadine Strik, Carmo Vasconcelos, Yerko Moreno, Samuel Ortega-Farias, and Pilar Bañados

variables, the variance of the ratio response becomes a function of the variance–covariances of both numerator and denominator variances and the statistical distribution of the response is confounded ( Huhn, 1991 , 1993 , 1998 ). This could complicate

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Dennis C. Odero, Jose V. Fernandez, and Nikol Havranek

to determine the efficacy of soil-applied preemergence S -metolachlor on weed control and radish tolerance on organic soils of the EAA using a dose–response bioassay. Materials and Methods Field studies were conducted at the Everglades Research and

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Yiwei Jiang, Eric Watkins, Shuwei Liu, Xiaoqing Yu, and Na Luo

and Clark, 2009 ). Therefore, development of drought-tolerant cultivars of prairie junegrass for use in northern climates would be a great benefit to turfgrass managers. A better understanding of physiological and molecular responses of prairie

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Yiming Liu, Hongmei Du, Kai Wang, Bingru Huang, and Zhaolong Wang

growth and physiological responses to salinity in different turfgrass species and demonstrated that salinity tolerance mechanisms varied in turfgrass species and cultivars ( Pessarakli and Touchane, 2006 ; Qian et al., 2001 ). Seashore paspalum is one of

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Michael W. Smith and Becky S. Cheary

). However, four studies reported a yield increase with applied K ( Smith et al., 1985 ; Wells and Wood, 2007 ; Wood et al., 2010 ; Worley, 1994 ). Inconsistent response to applied K was largely the result of native K availability or lack of plant uptake