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Lloyd L. Nackley, Jig Han Jeong, Lorence R. Oki, and Soo-Hyung Kim

conditions ( Table 1 ), after more than 5 months of CO 2 enrichment the plants grown in the elevated CO 2 chambers had consistently greater net assimilation rates across all N treatments ( Table 1 ). However, decomposition of the A - C i curves showed

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Oliver Körner, Jesper Mazanti Aaslyng, Andrea Utoft Andreassen, and Niels Holst

(j), leaf net assimilation rate (P nl , μmol·m −2 ·s −1 ), and atmospheric pressure (θ, Pa) as proposed for potted roses ( Ball et al., 1987 ; Kim and Lieth, 2003 ); k is the conversion factor from [m 2 ·s·mol −1 ] to [s·m −1 ] with 0.025 ( Jones

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Laura Elisa Acuña-Maldonado and Marvin P. Pritts

storage and internal cycling of remobilized N. Strawberry plants accumulate biomass in response to CO 2 enrichment ( Chen et al., 1997b , 1997c ). Under high CO 2 conditions, leaf net assimilation rate increased, leading to enhanced vegetative

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Samuel Doty, Ryan W. Dickson, and Michael Evans

(1997) found that salvia ( Salvia sp.) seedlings grown in trays with 7.3-cm 3 root volumes suffered from root restriction and had decreased net assimilation rates compared with trays with 55-, 166-, and 510-cm 3 root volumes. Latimer (1991) also

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Desire Djidonou and Daniel I. Leskovar

). Moreover, growth traits, including relative growth rate (RGR), net assimilation rate (NAR), and leaf area ratio (LAR), are greatly dependent on the efficiency with which intercepted radiation is transformed into DW ( Dapoigny et al., 2000 ). Nutrient

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Francesco Montesano and Marc W. van Iersel

of 370 μmol·mol −1 and then to estimate the net assimilation rate at this C i . The gas-phase resistance for CO 2 assimilation, consisting of the boundary layer and stomatal resistance, was calculated as (CO 2,air − C i )/ A n . Mesophyll

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Zhengnan Yan, Dongxian He, Genhua Niu, Qing Zhou, and Yinghua Qu

HortScience 43 1944 1946 Bruggink, G.T. Heuvelink, E. 1987 Influence of light on the growth of young tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper plants in the greenhouse: Effects on relative growth rate, net assimilation rate and leaf area ratio Scientia Hort. 31 3 1737

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Sasmita Mishra, Scott Heckathorn, Jonathan Frantz, Futong Yu, and John Gray

carboxylation efficiency were obtained from analysis of so-called “A-C i curves” [i.e., response curves of net assimilation rate versus leaf internal CO 2 concentration, where A = P n ( Farquhar and Sharkey, 1982 )]. Complete A-C i curves were obtained for a

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Hardeep Singh, Megha R. Poudel, Bruce Dunn, Charles Fontanier, and Gopal Kakani

supplemental CO 2 . Morison and Gifford (1983) reported that the stomatal conductance ( g S ) of plants decreases under elevated CO 2 , whereas the internal concentration of CO 2 increases and net assimilation rate is either unaffected or increased ( Mott

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Qingwu Meng, Jennifer Boldt, and Erik S. Runkle

(from day 4 to day 30 or 33), and at a 50% higher DLI, which could cause different responses. The relative growth rate of a plant is a function of its leaf area ratio and the net assimilation rate ( Lambers et al., 2008 ). The leaf area ratio indicates