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Chieri Kubota, Michael A. McClure, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Michael G. Bausher, and Erin N. Rosskopf

1997 Methyl bromide alternative case studies Vol. 3 18 Sept. 2007 < >. Gal-On, A. Wolf, D. Antignus, Y. Patlis, L. Ryu, K.H. Min

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Chrislyn Ann Particka and James F. Hancock

.J. Ajwa, H.A. 2003 Weed control in strawberry provided by shank- and drip-applied methyl bromide alternative fumigants HortScience 38 55 61 Hancock, J.F. 1999 Strawberries CAB International Wallingford, UK

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Dong Sub Kim, Mark Hoffmann, Steven Kim, Bertha A. Scholler, and Steven A. Fennimore

Bangarwa, S.K. Norsworthy, J.K. 2014 Purple nutsedge control with allyl isothiocyanate under virtually impermeable film mulch Weed Technol. 28 200 205 Bangarwa, S.K. Norsworthy, J.K. Gbur, E.E. 2012 Allyl isothiocyanate as a methyl bromide alternative for

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Olya Rysin, Amanda McWhirt, Gina Fernandez, Frank J. Louws, and Michelle Schroeder-Moreno

, F. 2006 Economic evaluation of methyl bromide alternatives for the production of strawberries in the southeastern United States HortTechnology 16 118 128 Sydorovych, O. Raczkowski, C. Wossink, A. Mueller, P. Creamer, N. Hu, S. Bell, M. Tu, C. 2009 A

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Orlando F. Rodriguez Izaba, Wenjing Guan, and Ariana P. Torres

tomato production systems Acta Hort. 1086 79 86 doi: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1086.8 Sydorovych, O. Safley, C.D. Welker, R.M. Ferguson, L.M. Monks, D.W. Jennings, K. Driver, J. Louws, F.J. 2008 Economic evaluation of methyl bromide alternatives for the

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Region IPM Center, Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium, and the USDA Methyl Bromide Alternatives Program has familiarized 61 county agents and certified crop advisors with the current status of methyl bromide regulatory and availability issues, new

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Jayesh B. Samtani, Celeste Gilbert, J. Ben Weber, Krishna V. Subbarao, Rachael E. Goodhue, and Steven A. Fennimore

temperature for four soilborne plant pathogens Phytopathology 71 959 964 Rainbolt, C. 2011 Steam as a methyl bromide alternative in California cut flower production MS thesis California State Univ.–Fresno Fresno, CA Ristaino, J.B. Perry, K.B. Lumsden, R

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Andreas Westphal, Nicole L. Snyder, Lijuan Xing, and James J. Camberato

to root-knot nematodes Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternative and Emissions Reductions. 20-1-2 Vavrina, C.S. Olson, S. Cornell, J.A. 1993 Watermelon transplant age: Influence on

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Richard V. Tyson, Eric H. Simonne, Danielle D. Treadwell, James M. White, and Amarat Simonne

Protected agriculture as a methyl bromide alternative? Current reality and future promise Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 117 21 27 Smorczewski, W.T. Schmidt, E.L. 1991 Numbers, activities, and diversity of autotrophic

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Richard V. Tyson, Danielle D. Treadwell, and Eric H. Simonne

. Eng. 26 191 203 Simonne, E.H. Mills, H.A. Smittle, D.A. 1992 Ammonium reduces growth, fruit yield and fruit quality of watermelon J. Plant Nutr. 15 2727 2741 Smither-Kopperl, M.L. Cantliffe, D.J. 2004 Protected agriculture as a methyl bromide