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Giverson Mupambi, Stefano Musacchi, Sara Serra, Lee A. Kalcsits, Desmond R. Layne, and Tory Schmidt

transport through PS I fed by stromal components Photosynth. Res. 47 85 97 Husen, J. Dequan, L. 2002 Relationship between photosystem 2 electron transport and photosynthetic CO 2 assimilation responses to irradiance in young apple tree leaves

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Lingyun Yuan, Yujie Yuan, Shan Liu, Jie Wang, Shidong Zhu, Guohu Chen, Jinfeng Hou, and Chenggang Wang

, which was mainly associated with the amount, activity, kinetics of Rubisco (explained by V c,max ), and the rate of ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate regeneration supported by electron transport (explained by J max ); the CE was limited by V c,max more than

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Lie Li, Yu-xin Tong, Jun-ling Lu, Yang-mei Li, and Qi-chang Yang

aspects of the photosynthetic capacity were improved, such as net photosynthetic rate and electron transport rate. No significant difference in lettuce shoot fresh weight/dry weight was found between RB and RBY; however, RBY showed better nutritional

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Renée L. Eriksen, Laban K. Rutto, James E. Dombrowski, and John A. Henning

photosystems themselves, particularly photosystem II (PSII); the ATP-generating electron transport chain; and the carbon assimilation process. Heat affects the photosystems by causing the dissociation of manganese (Mn) molecules from the oxygen-evolving complex

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David H. Suchoff, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Heike W. Sederoff, Jonathan R. Schultheis, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, Frank J. Louws, and Christopher C. Gunter

photosynthesis, including photosystems I and II, the electron transport chain, and RuBisCO (ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase) show a decline in efficiency with cold stress ( Allen and Ort, 2001 ; Kingston-Smith et al., 1997 ; Lynch, 1990 ). This

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Steven J. McArtney and John D. Obermiller

( McArtney and Obermiller, 2012 ). Metamitron disrupts the photosynthetic apparatus for 7 to 10 d after application, reducing electron transport rates by up to 60% ( McArtney and Obermiller, 2012 ). These data suggest that thinning activity of metamitron is a

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Yiming Liu, Hongmei Du, Kai Wang, Bingru Huang, and Zhaolong Wang

, photosynthetic electron transport reactions, quenching ability of excessive energy through chlorophyll fluorescence ( Lee et al., 2004 ), efficiency of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase for carbon fixation ( Delfine et al., 1998 ; Jaleel et al

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Liang Zheng, Huaming He, and Weitang Song

extent to which light quality affects photosynthesis is also potentially studied through its effects on the specific absorption spectrum of photosynthetic pigments, or the uptake of essential micronutrients to the photosynthetic electron transport chain

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Namiko Yamori, Yoriko Matsushima, and Wataru Yamori

-arplant-050718-095859 Yamori, W. Shikanai, T. 2016 Physiological functions of cyclic electron transport around photosystem I in sustaining photosynthesis and plant growth Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 67 81 106 doi:

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Oscar Monje, Sylvia Anderson, and Gary W. Stutte

changes in the activity of the carboxylation enzyme (Rubisco) and in the maximum rate of electron transport used for Rubisco bis-phosphate (RuBP) regeneration can be detected ( Long and Bernacchi, 2003 ). Experimental design. Five levels of RZT