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Thomas O. Green, John N. Rogers III, James R. Crum, Joseph M. Vargas Jr., and Thomas A. Nikolai

opinion: Registration of pesticides 2, 4-D, triclopyr BEE, diuron, linuron, captan, and chlorothalonil Endangered Species Act. Sect. 7 3 394 401 Vargas, J.M. Jr 2005 Management of turfgrass diseases. Wiley, Hoboken, NJ Warren, C.G. Sanders, P. Cole, H

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Yusuke Ii, Yuichi Uno, Michio Kanechi, and Noboru Inagaki

1:1. Growth measurement of young seedlings. Forty seeds of ‘MW500W’ were sown in a plastic petri dish with three filter papers, moistened with 6 mL of 160 ppm captan solution, and incubated at 23 °C. After 19 d, 10 seedlings were selected at random

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Freddy Mora, Cristóbal M. Concha, and Carlos R. Figueroa

, with commercial products. The antifungal treatment was based on 0.2% (v/v) benomyl plus 0.2% (v/v) captan. Supplemental irrigation was applied once per week during winter and two to three times per week during summer. As a result of severe fungal

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Juan Carlos Álvarez-Hernández, Javier Zaragoza Castellanos-Ramos, and Cesar Leobardo Aguirre-Mancilla

germination, the development of seedlings was sustained by daily irrigation, and preventive applications of cypermethrin (1 ml·L –1 ) and a fungicide mixture containing Captan (1 g·L –1 ) (Lucaptan ® , Celaya, Mexico), supplemented with nitrogen fertilizer (1

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Daniel Rowley, Brent L. Black, Dan Drost, and Dillon Feuz

fall season, fungicide applications (Captan; Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Hendersonville, NC; and Thionex 50W; MANA Crop Protection, Raleigh, NC) were made to control Botrytis fruit rot. Because the high tunnels were opened daily during much of

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Michael Stein, Corina Serban, and Per McCord

initial 24-h seed soak is given along with the biological effects of each chemical. After the seeds were removed from the treatment solutions, Captan fungicide was applied to further prevent future fungal growth on the seeds. The seeds for each cultivar

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Christopher B. Cerveny, William B. Miller, and Alan G. Taylor

treatment effects ( Copeland and McDonald, 2001 ). The TRs were then submerged in tap water for 24 h at room temperature and provided a 20-min soak in a commercial fungicide (Captan, N-trichloromethylthio cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximide; Southern Agricultural

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Ali Akbar Ghasemi Soloklui, Ali Gharaghani, Nnadozie Oraguzie, and Armin Saed-Moucheshi

were dried in the shade under ventilation, treated with a commercial fungicide (Captan, 6 mL diluted in 10 mL of water per kg of seeds), packed up in permeable paper bags, wrapped in an impermeable plastic bag, and stored in a cold chamber at 5 °C. For

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Omar Carrillo-Mendoza, José X. Chaparro, and Jeffrey Williamson

maturity and soaked in 0.4% Captan fungicide solution, placed in a bag of moist perlite, and on the same day of harvest placed into a cold chamber at 7 °C. Breeding selection ‘AP00-30WBS’ has a fruit development period below 110 d and therefore required in

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Dario J. Chavez and Paul M. Lyrene

cross were counted and classified into two categories: plump or shriveled. The number of plump seeds per pollinated flower was calculated for each cross. In Nov. 2007, seed packages of crosses made in 2007 were treated with a fungicide (captan at 0.1 g