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Richard C. Beeson Jr. and Jianjun Chen

( Beeson, 2004 ), Viburnum odoratissimum ( Beeson, 2010a , 2010b ), Rhaphiolepis indica ( Beeson, 2012 ), as well as foliage plants Asplenium nidus L. and Chamaedorea elegans Mart. ( Chen and Beeson, 2013 ), and Calathea G. Mey. ‘Silhouette’ and

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Kimberly A. Moore, Amy L. Shober, Edward F. Gilman, Christine Wiese, S. Michelle Scheiber, Maria Paz, and Meghan M. Brennan

) reported that sweet viburnum ( Viburnum odorotissimum ) plants grown in a rainout shelter and irrigated every 2 d had greater leaf area, shoot dry weight, and biomass compared with plants irrigated every 7 d; and ‘Variagata’ pittosporum ( Pittosporum tobira

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Gabriele Amoroso, Piero Frangi, Riccardo Piatti, Alessio Fini, Francesco Ferrini, and Marco Faoro

three times during the second growing season. Time needed for weed removal was recorded for each experimental subplot. At the end of the 2nd year, because of the high mortality in non-mulched subplots, doublefile viburnum, english ivy, and fragrant

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Paul C. Bartley III, Glenn R. Wehtje, Anna-Marie Murphy, Wheeler G. Foshee III, and Charles H. Gilliam

decreased in growth of wax-leaf ligustrum ( Ligustrum japonicum ) or snowball viburnum ( Viburnum macrocephalum ) grown in no. 7 containers ( Bartley et al., 2016 ). Cost analysis research must be conducted to help support the practice of weed control with

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Richard C. Beeson

between PAW and canopy variables among species. To demonstrate the use of this method, a partial data set from an experiment to quantify water use of Viburnum odoratissimum was used to calculate PAW Effec and PAW Total during production from rooted

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Robert F. Polomski

growth habit and tolerance to limbing-up as other species addressed in The Tree Book (e.g., Chilean myrtle [ Luma apiculata (DC.) Burret], staghorn sumac [ Rhus typhina L.] nannyberry [ Viburnum lentago L.] and yellowhorn [ Xanthoceras sorbifolium

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Dewayne L. Ingram, Charles R. Hall, and Joshua Knight

spruce), and Cercis canadensis L. (redbud) and 0.9-m Judd viburnum ( Viburnum × juddi Rehder) and a 0.6-m ‘Densiformis’ yew ( Taxus × media Rehder) shrubs were reported as 20.9 (adjusted for more inclusive fuel and weighted sequestration during

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Carlee Steppe, Sandra B. Wilson, Zhanao Deng, Keri Druffel, and Gary W. Knox

today ( International Plant Names Index, 2015 ). The genus refers to the original Latin name for ViburnumViburnum lantana ,” having a similar inflorescence structure. The specific epithet is derived from Montevideo, Uruguay, where the plant was

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R.G. Linderman and E.A. Davis

:// >. Parke, J.L. Linderman, R.G. Osterbauer, N.K. Griesbach, J.A. 2004 Detection of Phytophthora ramorum blight in Oregon nurseries and completion of Koch's postulates on Pieris, Rhododendron, Viburnum , and Camellia Plant Dis. 88 87

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Yin-Tung Wang

Differential growth responses to N sources have been reported for many crops. Although Rhododendrum obtusum (Lindl.) Planch ‘Hexe’ (azalea) prefers NH 4 -N ( Colgrave and Roberts, 1956 ), Viburnum plicatum Miq. tomentosum Thunb. had improved