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Yihui Cui, Peng Zhao, Hongqiang An, Nan Lv, Zifeng Zhang, Wei Pei, and Wanjun Wang

of somatic embryogenesis and focus on the formation of initial somatic embryo cells and pathways of somatic embryo’s origin. Materials and Methods Induction and regeneration of somatic embryo. Mature seeds of D . candidum were cultured in an MS

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William Reichert, H. Chung Park, H. Rodolfo Juliani, and James E. Simon

bilabiate bisexual flowers, this plant can self-pollinate and also has the ability to outcross ( Claûen et al., 2003 ). Current production methods use seeds and transplants from undomesticated populations. While normally cultivated for the pet toy industry

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Fengxia Shao, Sen Wang, Zhiming Liu, Rongyan Hong, and Tianjiao Zhao

). However, seed abortion is a common phenomenon in Chinese jujube, which prevents the formation of viable seeds, restricts crossbreeding efficiency, and presents a challenge in obtaining hybrid progeny. Thus, it is critical we acquire an understanding the

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Ed Stover, Chandrika Ramadugu, Mikeal Roose, Joseph Krystel, Richard F. Lee, and Manjunath Keremane

.B. Soost, R.K. 1968 Seed reproduction: Development of gametes and embryos, p. 290–324. In: W. Reuther, L.D. Batchelor, and H.J. Webber (eds.). The citrus industry. Vol. 2: Anatomy, physiology, genetics, and reproduction. University of California Press

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Olga Dichala, Ioannis Therios, Magdalene Koukourikou-Petridou, and Aristotelis Papadopoulos

to study Ni effects on total phenolic concentration, total flavonoids, and FRAP value of pomegranate peel and also Ni accumulation and its effects on Ca and Mg in leaves, peel, and pomegranate seeds. Materials and Methods A field experiment was

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Joyous Suiyigheh Tata and Hans Christian Wien

studies on the anatomy of petal drop in other species reveal that the process involves the separation of four to five rows of smaller transversely oriented cells that laid horizontally across the diameter at the juncture between the petal and the achene

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Zhipei Feng, Xitian Yang, Hongyan Liang, Yuhua Kong, Dafeng Hui, Jiabao Zhao, Erhui Guo, and Beibei Fan

survival rate associated with AP. To date, little information is available on the temporal changes in root morphology, physiology, and anatomy of seedlings in response to AP. Platycladus orientalis (L.). Franco, a native Chinese Cupressaceae plant, is among

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Wei-Ling Chen, Cheng-Hung Hsiao, and Hsueh-Shih Lin

sale. A limited quantity of seed may be available for research purposes only by sending a request to the first author ( ). Literature Cited Chen, W.L. Yang, W.J. Lo, H.F. Yeh, D.M. 2014 Physiology, anatomy, and cell membrane

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Shawna L. Daley, Jeffrey Adelberg, and Richard L. Hassell

Seeds, Boise, ID). When the cotyledons had unfolded but not expanded (≈6–8 d and 8–10 d after seeding for ‘Carnivor’ and ‘Macis’ rootstock, respectively), seedlings were individually treated with 20 μL 6.25% fatty alcohol (Fair 85; Fair Products, Cary

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Marija Perić, Slavica Dmitrović, Suzana Živković, Biljana Filipović, Marijana Skorić, Ana Simonović, and Slađana Todorović

Protection Legislation ( Diklić et al., 1999 ). Propagation of R. umbellata in nature is limited by fungal infections and insufficient seed maturity ( Ljaljević Grbić et al., 2005 ). A literature search revealed no publications dedicated to this rare