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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

chitosan as a soil amendment might also result from its direct effect on plant nutrient status and metabolism, and photosynthesis. Soil-applied chitosan increased the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, total sugars, and soluble proteins as well as

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Toshio Shibuya, Akihito Sugimoto, Yoshiaki Kitaya, and Makoto Kiyota

. Mitigating the inhibition of P n under high plant density probably occurs in only cases in which stomatal closure resulting from high VDP affects a limiting factor of photosynthesis before other factors. Fig. 6. Effects of vapor-pressure deficit (VPD) near

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Katherine F. Garland, Stephanie E. Burnett, Michael E. Day, and Marc W. van Iersel

plant photosynthesis and marketability of the crop ( Franco et al., 2006 ). In some cases, stomatal conductance ( g S ) may not fully recover after periods of sustained or periodic water stress or previously stressed plants may acclimate through

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Olivia Sanchez, Stephanie E. Burnett, and Bryan J. Peterson

evaluate environmental conditions in each of the three systems and investigate the possible role of cutting photosynthesis in differential rooting responses. Materials and Methods Plant material. On 12 July 2018, 150 semihardwood terminal stem cuttings were

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Dario Mantovani, Adolfo Rosati, and Domenico Perrone

chamber. Because it is assumed that only one side of the cladode is sunlit, the photosynthesis values referred to half the lateral area, in accordance with the methodology used for Asparagus officinalis ( Guo et al., 2002 ). Spear photosynthesis was

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Md. Jahedur Rahman, Haruhisa Inden, and Masaaki Kirimura

( Connor et al., 1993 ), sink assimilate demand ( Frageria, 1992 ), and availability of water as well as light and nutrients. Photosynthesis is also affected by different stress factors ( Taiz and Zeiger, 2006 ). The capacity of the plant’s photosynthetic

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D. Joseph Eakes, Robert D. Wright, and John R. Seiler

Abbreviations: CA, leaf chamber CO 2 concentration; CI, leaf internal CO 2 concentration; E, transpiration; g L , leaf conductance; MSC, moisture stress conditioning; Pn, net photosynthesis; r m , mesophyll resistance to CO 2 ; SI, stomatal

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Amir Rezazadeh, Richard L. Harkess, and Guihong Bi

effects such as reduced net photosynthesis and yield or leaf abscission ( Durner, 2013 ; Vu et al., 2001 ). The effect of water stress on the decrease in photosynthetic activity has been primarily attributed to stomata closure and reduced transpiration

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Jinhong Yuan, Man Xu, Wei Duan, Peige Fan, and Shaohua Li

Water is a limited resource worldwide. Water deficits often result in a decrease of P n , which can influence vegetative growth, yield, and fruit quality in fruit trees. The response of photosynthesis to water stress is correlated with stress

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Hardeep Singh, Megha R. Poudel, Bruce Dunn, Charles Fontanier, and Gopal Kakani

In the terrestrial ecosystem, carbon is added to plants through fixing of atmospheric CO 2 by the process of photosynthesis ( A n ), which can be defined as an oxidation-reduction reaction activated through light absorbed by chlorophyll, resulting