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Geoffrey M. Weaver and Marc W. van Iersel

of the canopy were tagged on each plant, and all measurements were taken on these leaves. Gas exchange. Net photosynthesis and g S were measured using a portable photosynthesis meter and attached leaf cuvette with a light-emitting diode light source

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F. Todd Lasseigne, Stuart L. Warren, Frank A. Blazich, and Thomas G. Ranney

by comparing temperature sensitivity of growth, basic physiological processes such as photosynthesis, and survival across a range of temperatures ( Burke, 1990 , 1995 ; Hopkins, 1999 ; Lambers et al., 1998 ; Larcher, 1994 ; Leegood, 1995 ). The

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Jinmin Fu, Jack Fry, and Bingru Huang

net photosynthesis (P n ) and whole-plant respiration (R w ) were measured every 4 weeks beginning on 4 June 2001 and 3 June 2002 using a LI-6400 portable gas exchange system (LI-COR Inc., Lincoln, Neb.). Measurements were made between 0900 and 1500 h

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Pei-Wen Kan, Yu-Ching Cheng, and Der-Ming Yeh

presence of air spaces, and such variegation is unavailable for photosynthesis ( Fooshee and Henny, 1990 ). In contrast, the maximum quantum yield of photosystem II, as measured by Fv/Fm, does not differ significantly between the light and green areas in

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Jiaxin Li, Yingli Ma, and Yinfeng Xie

ultraviolet-160A recording spectrometer (Shimadzu UV180; Shimadzu Corp., Tokyo, Japan). Dynamic changes of the net photosynthetic rate. The P n was recorded using the LI-COR 6400 portable photosynthesis system (LI-COR 6400; Li-COR Bio-sciences, Lincoln

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Qingqing Duan, Ye Lin, Wu Jiang, and Danfeng Huang

d of transplantation, which were consistent with the change in SD ( Fig. 1A ). Fig. 4. Net photosynthesis rate (Pn) ( A ), stomatal conductance ( g S ) ( B ), intercellular CO 2 concentration (Ci) ( C ), and transpiration rate (Tr) ( D ) of

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Wenjie Ma, Wen Liang, and Bing Zhao

environment) ( Fanourakis et al., 2016 ). Research has shown that VPD not only has a direct effect on stomatal conductance ( g s ), photosynthesis, and water transport ( Sinclair et al., 2007 ) but also affects plant temperature via transpiration. Greater VPD

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Eleni M. Abraham, William A. Meyer, Stacy A. Bonos, and Bingru Huang

transpirational water loss, increasing water uptake, and/or adjusting osmotically to maintain photosynthesis and other metabolic functions ( Bonos and Murphy, 1999 ; Qian and Fry, 1997 ; White et al., 1992 ; Zhang and Schmidt, 1999 ). Heat tolerance in

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Hening Hu and Darrell Sparks

Leaves of `Stuart' pecan [Carya illinoensis (Wangenh.) C. Koch] with various levels of Zn deficiency were analyzed for physiological indicators of leaf vigor. Leaf chlorophyll content, stomatal conductance, and net photosynthesis were adversely affected by Zn deficiency. In leaves with severe Zn deficiency, each of these indicators increased 3- to 5-fold with a doubling of leaf Zn concentration, but stabilized as leaf Zn approached the sufficiency range (14 μg·g-1). High intercellular CO2 associated with low net photosynthesis indicates that stomatal aperture was not the cause of the reduction of net photosynthesis under Zn deficiency.

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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, Mengmeng Gu, and Joseph Masabni

exchange rate and relative chlorophyll content. A portable gas exchange analyzer (CIRAS-3; PP Systems, Amesbury, MA) was used to measure the comparative net photosynthesis (P n ) of plant leaves at harvest. A leaf cuvette (PLC3; PP Systems) with an LED