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Steven F. Vaughn, Mark A. Berhow, and Brent Tisserat

× 160-mm length) containing 10 g of a soilless potting medium formulated with 1 peatmoss : 1 vermiculite (by volume) and amended with 10.9 g·kg −1 Micromax (Scotts Co., Marysville, OH) and 62.3 g·kg −1 Osmocote (14% to 6% to 12% N–P–K; Scotts Co.). 3

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Robert C. Ebel, Said Hamido, and Kelly T. Morgan

cause defoliation, stem dieback, and fruit abscission ( Gottwald and Graham, 2000 ). Foliar applications of Cu are a popular method for suppressing Xcc as a result of their low cost. Because the life cycle of Xcc is 7 to 21 d ( Brunings and Gabriel

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Dario J. Chavez, Eileen A. Kabelka, and José X. Chaparro

minor importance, C. argyrosperma Huber ‘silver-seed gourd’ and C. ficifolia Bouché ‘fig-leaf cucurbit’. Cucurbita value is based on the use of immature and mature fruit of summer and winter squashes, respectively ( Ferriol and Picó, 2008 ). The

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David Sotomayor-Ramírez, Miguel Oliveras-Berrocales, and Linda Wessel-Beaver

. Pasuquin, J.M.C.A. Mutters, R. Buresh, R.J. 2005 New leaf color chart for effective nitrogen management in rice Better Crops Plant Food 89 36 39 Wyenandt, C.A. Heckman, J.R. Maxwell, N.L. 2008 Pumpkin fruit size and quality improve with leaf mulch

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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Eric H. Simonne, Karen E. Koch, and John E. Erickson

-grafted vegetable production. In addition to the enhanced fruit yields with grafted plants, plants grafted onto vigorous rootstocks also use irrigation water and fertilizer more effectively for producing marketable fruit yields. Recent research has addressed the

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Victoria Ann Surrage, Claudia Lafrenière, Mike Dixon, and Youbin Zheng

array. Harvest. Fruit was graded into the following categories: Canada No. 1 Grade (73 mm or greater diameter), Canada Commercial Grade (63 mm or greater diameter), and Canada No. 2 Grade (38 mm or greater diameter; Government of Canada, 1990

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Shivani Kathi, Catherine Simpson, Alinna Umphres, and Greta Schuster

once every 15 d with 100 mL of a fertilizer solution composed of 3.75 g of water-soluble 30–10–10 (N–P–K) fertilizer dissolved in 1 gallon of water ( Table 2 ). To determine water and nitrate retention, at 3 and 9 d post fertilization, the plants were

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Amnon Levi, John Coffey, Laura Massey, Nihat Guner, Elad Oren, Yaakov Tadmor, and Kai-shu Ling

485583) and in C. lanatus ssp. lanatus PI 595203 collected in Nigeria. Hojo et al. (1991a , 1991b) identified an African bitter fruit watermelon accession BT-8501 as tolerant to PRSV-W. Still, no sufficient information has been gathered on PRSV

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Nihat Guner, Luis A. Rivera-Burgos, and Todd C. Wehner

identified a new ZYMV strain infecting cucurbit fields around Beijing, China, Zucchini yellow mosaic virus -China strain (ZYMV-CH). Plants infected with any of the ZYMV strains reduce their photosynthetic capacity and display stunted growth, deformed fruit

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Laura L. Van Eerd and Kelsey A. O'Reilly

to size ( Table 3 ); cucumbers not suitable for pickling as a result of shape or size were considered culls and were included in total yield calculations. Harvest area, fresh fruit weight, and grade were used to calculate total and marketable yield