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Qiang Zhang, Minji Li, Beibei Zhou, Junke Zhang, and Qinping Wei

was calculated according to coloring index. Meteorological data collection. The meteorological data of 306 uniformly distributed stations near the orchards were obtained from the National Meteorological Information Center in China. The ordinary Kriging

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Judy A. Thies, Sharon Buckner, Matthew Horry, Richard Hassell, and Amnon Levi

Thies, J.A. Levi, A. 2007 Characterization of watermelon ( Citrullus lanatus var. citroides ) germplasm for resistance to root-knot nematodes HortScience 42 1530 1533 Thies, J.A. Merrill, S.B. Luther Corley, E. 2002 Red food coloring stain: New, safer

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Catarina P. Carvalho, Alejandra Salvador, Pilar Navarro, Adela Monterde, and Jose M. Martínez-Jávega

1 214 216 Cohen, E. 1978 The effect of temperature and relative humidity during degreening on the coloring of Shamouti orange fruit J. Hort. Sci. 53 143 146 Cronjé, P.J.R. Crouch, E

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Francisco Javier Núñez, Maria Victoria Huitrón, Manuel Díaz, Fernando Diánez, and Francisco Camacho-Ferre

characteristics at 0.25 plants/m 2 . With regard to the Bouquet quality standard, rind thickness in both tests was lower than the 20 mm, the maximum limit for that standard, whereas internal coloring characteristic of the variety was maintained. In the 2006

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Oussama H. Mounzer, Wenceslao Conejero, Emilio Nicolás, Isabel Abrisqueta, Yelitza V. García-Orellana, Luis M. Tapia, Juan Vera, Jose M. Abrisqueta, and Maria del Carmen Ruiz-Sánchez

of fruit coloring. 87: Fruit ripe for picking ( Fig. 1 ). Stage 9: Senescence, beginning of dormancy 96: More than 50% of leaves discolored or fallen ( Fig. 1 ). 97: All leaves fallen ( Fig. 1 ). Growth

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Laban K. Rutto, Myong-Sook Ansari, and Michael Brandt

products. Stinging nettle leaf chlorophyll is also processed into a coloring agent (natural green) used in food processing ( Bown, 1995 ). In clinical studies carried out to examine the medicinal value of stinging nettle products, Lopatkin et al. (2005

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Ariadna Monroy-Barbosa and Paul W. Bosland

Chile pepper is a very important crop worldwide, being used in the food industry as well as a coloring agent for food and cosmetics, an ingredient in pain relief medicine, antimugger sprays, and so on ( Bosland, 1996 ; Lucier and Jerardo, 2006

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Xingsui Wang, Yuting Huang, Ji Tian, Jie Zhang, Yanfen Lu, Xiaoxiao Qin, Yujing Hu, and Yuncong Yao

growth stages, as well as leaf traits in autumn before falling for M . ‘Chunmei Donghong’. ( C ) Fruit characteristics at the young, fading, and transverse stage of the fruit surface, red coloring covering the whole fruit surface stage, and fruit

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Jiayi Ji, Zhenglin Li, Ji Tian, Jie Zhang, Yanfen Lu, Xiaoxiao Qin, Jianjun Li, Liqiang Liu, Zhe Gao, Yujing Hu, and Yuncong Yao

. Compared with its parent, M. ‘Hongbaleng’ has a long, big, red floral balloon stage, an early fruit color-turning stage, and a long fruit coloring stage, as well as a long autumn-colored leaf stage, extending the ornamental time and enhancing the

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Esnath T. Hamadziripi, Karen I. Theron, Magdalena Muller, and Willem J. Steyn

consumer preference. When consumers were asked to taste flavored drinks, appropriate coloring (lime-flavored colored green) resulted in higher correct identification of flavor, whereas inappropriate coloring, e.g., lime flavor drink colored orange, resulted