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Shutian Tao, Danyang Wang, Cong Jin, Wei Sun, Xing Liu, Shaoling Zhang, Fuyong Gao, and Shahrokh Khanizadeh

.S. Dixon, R.A. Himmel, M.E. Xie, X.S. Ding, S.Y. 2010 Imaging lignin-downregulated alfalfa using coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy BioEnergy Res. 3 272 277 Zeng, Y.N. Zhao, S. Yang, S.H. Ding, S.Y. 2014 Lignin plays a negative role in the

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Nicholas A. George, Kenneth V. Pecota, Blake D. Bowen, Jonathan R. Schultheis, and G. Craig Yencho

. Prior, S.A. Torbet, H.A. Sicher, R. 2009 An evaluation of cassava, sweet potato and field corn as potential carbohydrate sources for bioethanl production in Alabama and Maryland Biomass Bioenergy 33 1503 1508

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Qingren Wang, Waldemar Klassen, Edward A. Evans, Yungcong Li, and Merlyn Codallo

Biomass Bioenergy 3 281 299 Smith, S.A. 2004 Enterprise budgets for agricultural commodities in Florida: Vegetables, 1999–2004 25 Aug. 2009 < >. South Florida Water Management

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Dan Jin, Philippe Henry, Jacqueline Shan, and Jie Chen

, A.R. Carlson, C.H. Wilk, R.L. Crawford, J.L. Viands, D.R. Philippe, G. Smart, C.D. Rose, J.K.C. Smart, L.B. 2020 Development and validation of genetic markers for sex and cannabinoid chemotype in Cannabis sativa L GCB Bioenergy 12 3 481 490 doi: 10

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Shivani Kathi, Catherine Simpson, Alinna Umphres, and Greta Schuster

. USA 107 17 8035 8040 10.1073/pnas.0913658107 Love, B.J. Nejadhashemi, A.P. 2011 Water quality impact assessment of large-scale biofuel crops expansion in agricultural regions of Michigan Biomass Bioenergy 35 5 2200 2216 10.1016/J

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J Austin Gimondo, Christopher J. Currey, Darren H. Jarboe, Martin Gross, and William R. Graves

wastewater treatment, biofuels, and bioproducts Biotechnol. Adv. 29 686 702 Clarens, A.F. Resurreccion, E.P. White, M.A. Colosi, L.M. 2010 Environmental life cycle comparison of algae to other bioenergy feedstocks Environ. Sci. Technol. 44 1813 1819 Coppens

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Sanalkumar Krishnan and Emily B. Merewitz

during salt-stress incidence. Our results will also apply to other widely used grasses such as for forage or bioenergy. In addition, a better understanding of how hormones respond to salt stress may lead to the development of breeding methods to identify

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Lu Zhang, Xiuming Hao, Yonggeng Li, and Gaoming Jiang

in greenhouse vegetable production: A case study for Antalya region of Turkey Biomass Bioenergy 26 89 95 Papadopoulos, A.P. Hao, X. 2000a Effects of day and night air temperature in early season on growth, productivity and energy use of spring tomato

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Vincent M. Russo and P. Perkins-Veazie

Bioenergy 25 423 426 Glick, B.R. 2004 Changes in plant growth and development by rhizosphere bacteria that modify plant ethylene levels Acta Hort. 631 265 273 Hartz, T.K. Giannini, C. Miyao

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Carlo Mininni, Pietro Santamaria, Hamada M. Abdelrahman, Claudio Cocozza, Teodoro Miano, Francesco Montesano, and Angelo Parente

, physical and spectroscopic characterization of Posidonia oceanica (L.) Del. residues and their possible recycle Biomass Bioenergy 35 799 807 De Boodt, M. Verdonck, O. 1972 The physical properties of the substrates in horticolture Acta Hort. 26 37 44 De