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Chun-qiong Huang, Guo-dao Liu, and Chang-jun Bai

are 11 identified Zoysia species, five of which are distributed in China ( Z. japonica , Z. matrella , Z. tenuifolia , Z. sinica , and Z. macrostachya ) ( Guo et al., 2014 ). In tropical southern China, soil acidification is an acute problem in

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John B. Stiglbauer, Haibo Liu, Lambert B. McCarty, Dara M. Park, Joe E. Toler, and Kendal Kirk

; Engelke and Anderson, 2003 ). Most commonly used zoysiagrasses in these zones include three species of Zoysia matrella [(L.) Merr.], Zoysia japonica (Steud.), and Zoysia pacifica (Willd. ex Thiele) ( Engelke and Anderson, 2003 ). Zoysiagrass has a

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Kyle Briscoe, Grady Miller, Scott Brinton, Dan Bowman, and Charles Peacock

( Zoysia japonica Steud.). Furthermore, ‘Mirage’ bermudagrass [ Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon (L.) Pers.] reached 100% coverage 24 d earlier than ‘Zenith’ zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica Steud.) ( Patton et al., 2004 ). The slow establishment rate is

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Takanori Kuronuma and Hitoshi Watanabe

this study. Although these species are widely distributed in Japan, the photosynthetic pathway of the two Sedum species is not well understood. Zoysia matrella , a warm-season turfgrass and C 4 plant, is one of the most common green roof plants in

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Xiaoli Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Li Liao, Xinyi Zhang, and Changjun Bai

.) Pers.; Wang et al., 2013 ], zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica Steud.; Li et al., 2009 ), and centipedegrass [ Eremochloa ophiuroides (Munro) Hack; Zheng et al., 2013 ]. However, there have been no similar publications on carpetgrass. This study is the

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Patrick A. Jones, James T. Brosnan, Gregory K. Breeden, José J. Vargas, Brandon J. Horvath, and John C. Sorochan

herbicides on bermudagrass ( Cynodon spp.) sprig establishment Weed Sci. 33 253 257 Boyd, J.W. Baird, J.H. 1997 Herbicide effects on sprig establishment of Zoysia japonica CV. El Toro and Cynodon dactylon × C. transvaalensis cv. Midlawn Intl. Turf. Soc

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Bradley S. Sladek, Gerald M. Henry, and Dick L. Auld

artificial shade conditions. Materials and Methods Experiments were conducted in 2006 and 2007 at the Texas Tech University Horticulture Greenhouse in Lubbock, TX. Plugs measuring 2.5 cm 2 of six zoysiagrass genotypes [ Zoysia japonica Steud. genotype

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Orville C. Baldos, Joseph DeFrank, and Glenn Sakamoto

oxadiazon effectively controlled weeds and increased shoot dry weights and bulb yields in garlic ( Qasem, 1996 ) and shoot fresh and dry weight yields in marjoram ( Qasem and Foy, 2006 ). In zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica ), applications of oxadiazon enhanced

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Manuel Chavarria, Benjamin Wherley, James Thomas, Ambika Chandra, and Paul Raymer

’s Super Sport’ (Celebration ® ) bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon ); ‘SS-500’ (Empire ® ) and ‘Palisades’ japanese lawngrass ( Zoysia japonica Steud.); Zeon Zoysia ® manilagrass [ Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr.]; ‘Raleigh’, ‘Floratam’, and ‘SS-100’ (Palmetto

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Nikolaos Ntoulas, Panayiotis A. Nektarios, and Efthimia Nydrioti

development HortScience 41 1276 1285 Getter, K.L. Rowe, D.B. 2008 Media depth influences Sedum green roof establishment Urban Ecosyst. 11 361 372 Huang, B. 1999 Water relations and root activities of Buchloe dactyloides and Zoysia japonica in response to