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Desire Djidonou, Amarat H. Simonne, Karen E. Koch, Jeffrey K. Brecht, and Xin Zhao

separately (per treatment per replication) and were used to evaluate the fruit quality attributes. More specifically, at each harvest, 8 to 10 of these fruit (at breaker stage, i.e., fruit showing a clear break in color from green to tannish yellow) of

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Xia Qiu, Haonan Zhang, Huiyi Zhang, Changwen Duan, Bo Xiong, and Zhihui Wang

plums J. Agr. Food Chem. 51 6509 6515 doi: Li, P. Wu, W. Chen, F. Liu, X. Chen, J. 2015 Prunus salicina ‘Crown’, a Yellow-fruited Chinese Plum HortScience 50 1822 1824 doi:

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Jingkang Hu, Yingmei Gao, Tingting Zhao, Jingfu Li, Meini Yao, and Xiangyang Xu

Arabidopsis genome Genome Biol. 3 4 1 12 Krishna, S.S. Majumdar, I. Grishin, N.V. 2003 Structural classification of zinc fingers: Survey and summary Nucleic Acids Res. 31 532 550 Li, J. Jia, D. Chen, X. 2001 HUA1, a regulator of stamen and carpel identities

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Neil O. Anderson, Adnan Younis, and Ye Sun

.1 pg/2C nucleus ( Lim et al., 2001 ), a genome ≈550× that of Arabidopsis thaliana ( Bennett et al., 1982 ). Lilium henryii was found to contain >13,000 copies of a single retrotransposon ( Smyth et al., 1989 ). As a result, Zlesak et al. (2007

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Haiyan Zhao, Haiying Liang, Yibing Chu, Congcong Sun, Ning Wei, Mengnan Yang, and Caixia Zheng

as an important ornamental and street tree in many urban areas throughout much of the United States, China, Japan, and other countries because of its features, such as a straight trunk; unique two-lobe, fan-shape leaves that turn vivid yellow in fall

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David E. Zaurov, Thomas J. Molnar, Sasha W. Eisenman, Timothy M. Ford, Ravza F. Mavlyanova, John M. Capik, C. Reed Funk, and Joseph C. Goffreda

moderately pubescent. Externally, the fruits are orange or creamy yellow and sometimes have a slight reddish blush. The flesh is dense and has a high total sugar content and low acidity. The major end use of apricots from this subgroup is dried fruit with

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Ying Kong, Jinrong Bai, Lixin Lang, Fang Bao, Xiaoying Dou, Huan Wang, and Hongzhong Shang

, plantation and ornamental crops. Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany Widhalm, J.R. Jaini, R. Morgan, J.A. Dudareva, N. 2015 Rethinking how volatiles are released from plant cells Trends Plant Sci. 20 545 550 Xiang, L. Milc, J.A. Pecchioni, N. Chen, L

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Adam O. Maggard, Rodney E. Will, Thomas C. Hennessey, Craig R. McKinley, and Janet C. Cole

In the United States, the market for landscape mulch is increasing ( Satkofsky, 2001 ). In 2006, demand for bagged mulch was predicted to increase by 5.5% per year and annual sales were predicted to increase from around $550 million to $915 million

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has nice ornamental appeal as well, with glamorous flowers in the spring, and notable fall coloring of leaves. The selection is estimated to have a chilling requirement of 500 to 550 hours below 45 °F, and will likely perform well in USDA hardiness

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Fulya Baysal-Gurel, Ravi Bika, Christina Jennings, Cristi Palmer, and Terri Simmons

infection. The leaf spot infection starts as a yellow-green pinpoint that usually appears on the topside of the leaf ( Fig. 1 ), but sometimes on the underside of the leaf as an irregular orange to red-brown disc. Leaf spots, as they enlarge up to 2 cm