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Xia Ye, Xianbo Zheng, Dehua Zhai, Wen Song, Bin Tan, Jidong Li, and Jiancan Feng

260/230 ratio of more than 2.0 for subsequent analysis. The integrity of RNA samples was assessed by electrophoresis on a 1.5% agarose gel. The primer sequences for ACS and ACO genes were designed in Primer Express version 3.0 (Applied Biosystems

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Keenan Amundsen and Scott Warnke

tetraploids A. capillaris (A 1 A 1 A 2 A 2 ) and A. stolonifera (A 2 A 2 A 3 A 3 ) share one sub-genome in common (A 2 A 2 ) and the hexaploid A. gigantea (A 1 A 1 A 2 A 2 A 3 A 3 ) has two sub-genomes in common with both A. capillaris and A

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Santiago García-Martínez, Adrián Grau, Aranzazu Alonso, Fernando Rubio, Manuel Valero, and Juan J. Ruiz

’ line. Anastasia was used as the donor parent of the Tm-2 a , Sw-5, and Ty-1 genes ( Pérez de Castro et al., 2007 ), conferring resistance to ToMV, TSWV, and TYLCV, respectively. At the time the breeding program began, ‘Anastasia’ was a popular

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John R. Stommel and Judith M. Dumm

, M.D. Wessler, S.R. 1994 Molecular evolution of the plant R regulatory gene family Genetics 138 849 854 Quattrocchio, F. Verweij, W. Kroon, A. Spelt, C. Mol, J. Koes, R. 2006 PH4 of Petunia is an R2R3MYB protein that activates vacuolar

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Hua Zhou, Fang-Yun Cheng, Jing Wu, and Chaoying He

poplars are transformed with poplar FT2 , the first flowering is induced within 1 year ( Hsu et al., 2006 ). In this work, we transformed PsFT into A. thaliana and analyzed the flowering genes in the transgenic plants. Our results suggest that PsFT

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Madhumita Dash, Lisa Klima Johnson, and Anish Malladi

flower development, including an increase in the expression of cell cycle genes such as B2- and D3-type cyclins and a reduction in the expression of a negative regulator of fruit size, fw2.2 ( Baldet et al., 2006 ). An analysis of changes in the tomato

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Aliya Momotaz, Jay W. Scott, and David J. Schuster

trichomes as LA1777. Thus, more than three genes may be required to obtain the type IV trichome density of LA1777 ( Fig. 2 ) because two to three LA1777-like plants would be expected with control by three recessive genes. However, acceptable resistance for a

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James Hancock, Cholani Weebadde, and Sedat Serçe

factors have limited the development of day-neutral cultivars for the east, including: 1) uncertainty about the genetics of the day-neutral trait; 2) genotype × environment interactions related to temperature; and 3) a narrow germplasm base. In this

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Nobuyuki Fukuoka, Takamoto Suzuki, Keisuke Minamide, and Tatsuro Hamada

, 95 °C for 2 min followed by 40 cycles at 95 °C for 3 s, 60 °C for 30 s, with a final elongation at 72 °C for 3 min. The transcript levels of each gene were normalized to that of the tubulin gene (GeneBank accession no. AB581528) as a control. Relative

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Qiuyue Ma, Shushun Li, Jing Wen, Lu Zhu, Kunyuan Yan, Qianzhong Li, Shuxian Li, and Bin Zhang

.71% to 84.08% of the reads were uniquely matched, whereas 6.80% to 12.83% of reads mapped to multiple positions ( Supplemental Table 2 ). A total of 28,438 genes were identified. Differential expression analysis and clustering of DEGs . A differential