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M. Leonard Wells and Bruce W. Wood

. The relationship between leaf mineral nutrient concentrations is well understood for the lower critical level regarding manifestation of visual symptoms pertaining to deficiency of essential mineral nutrients, although this relationship to yield is not

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Kylara A. Papenfuss and Brent L. Black

manage their water more effectively in an attempt to maximize water productivity. Water productivity ( Fereres and Soriano, 2007 ) is the crop yield or net income per unit of water used in crop evapotranspiration (ET c ). Under drought conditions

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Wenjing Guan, Dean Haseman, Laura Ingwell, and Daniel S. Egel

spring the following year and after the fruiting season plants are removed. The annual plasticulture system largely reduces the burden of weed control and facilitates harvest a few months after planting ( Poling 1993 ); however, low yields limit the wide

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Shengrui Yao, Robert Heyduck, Steven Guldan, and Govinda Sapkota

, 20 to 30 kg·ha −1 P, and 25 to 30 kg·ha −1 K in May to early June. Fertilizer and rates varied slightly from site to site due to fertilizer availability ( Yao et al., 2019 ). Tree measurement, yield, and fruit data collection. In the planting year

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Humberto Núñez-Moreno, James L. Walworth, and Andrew P. Pond

of manure on Zn uptake, growth, yield, and nut quality of pecan trees growing under alkaline and calcareous conditions and to ascertain whether these effects can be enhanced by providing extra Zn with applied manure. Materials and Methods A field

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Gerry H. Neilsen, Denise Neilsen, Frank Kappel, Peter Toivonen, and Linda Herbert

fewer studies on drip-fertigation of sweet cherry ( Neilsen et al., 2004a ). Recent research on drip-fertigated apples has indicated an early yield response to annual phosphorus (P) fertigation applied soon after bloom ( Neilsen et al., 2008

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Amanda J. Davis and Bernadine C. Strik

temperature range (≈14 to 18 °C) for optimum root growth ( Abbott and Gough, 1987 ; Spiers, 1995 ). Mulching has also led to higher yield and plant growth compared with bare soil in several cases ( Clark and Moore, 1991 ; Karp et al., 2006 ; Kozinski, 2006

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Shengrui Yao, Steve Guldan, and Robert Heyduck

for its erratic fruit set and yield fluctuation from year to year, even in some major apricot-producing areas ( Bassi et al., 1995 ; Gunes, 2006 ; Julian et al., 2007 ). Among 24 apricot trees representing six cultivars at Alcalde, NM, flower buds

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Humberto Núñez-Moreno, James L. Walworth, Andrew P. Pond, and Michael W. Kilby

. We evaluated Zn uptake, tree growth, and nut yield after a one-time band application of ZnSO 4 and Zn-EDTA in a calcareous soil over a period of 4 years. The objective was to determine if these fertilizers can effectively enhance Zn uptake in young

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M. Joseph Stephens, Peter A. Alspach, Ron A. Beatson, Chris Winefield, and Emily J. Buck

markets. Key targets of the program include: high yield, firm fruit that can be harvested by machine, high soluble solids, moderately high acidity, excellent flavor, improved human health attributes, and plant disease resistance. Breeding for high yield