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Chi M. Do, Kate L. Delaporte, Vinay Pagay, and Carolyn J. Schultz

Future—Beyond Food Security Andres, Z. Perez-Hormaeche, J. Leidi, E.O. Schlucking, K. Steinhorst, L. McLachlan, D.H. Schumacher, K. Hetherington, A.M. Kudla, J. Cubero, B. Pardo, J.M. 2014 Control of vacuolar dynamics and regulation of stomatal aperture

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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, Mengmeng Gu, and Joseph Masabni

-activated cryptochrome removes the signal for suppression of abscisic acid production in guard cells, resulting in a decreased stomatal aperture and stomatal opening, subsequently decreasing P n ( Meng et al., 2019 ). In particular, the flavin chromophore of

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Majken Pagter, Karen K. Petersen, Fulai Liu, and Christian R. Jensen

water availability perception, root-to-shoot communication regulating stomatal aperture and leaf growth, and altered gene expression in water deficit plants ( Chaves et al., 2003 ; Davies et al., 2005 ; Loewenstein and Pallardy, 2002 ). In cold

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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, and Mengmeng Gu

; Bouly et al., 2007 ). The deactivation of cryptochrome by green light removes the signal for suppression of abscisic acid production in guard cells and results in decreased stomatal aperture and stomatal opening ( Sun et al., 1998 ). In contrast

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Joshua K. Craver, Krishna S. Nemali, and Roberto G. Lopez

of R 50 :B 50 compared with R 90 :B 10 at high radiation intensities ( Fig. 3 ). Previously, blue radiation was shown to increase stomatal aperture ( Kinoshita et al., 2001 ; van Ieperen, 2012 ; Zeiger et al., 2002 ), thereby increasing the

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Katherine F. Garland, Stephanie E. Burnett, Michael E. Day, and Marc W. van Iersel

positively correlated with θ, A N and g S per unit area did not differ among treatments ( Table 1 ). Water stress commonly results in reduced stomatal aperture, which limits the diffusion of CO 2 to the carboxylation site, thus slowing the rate of

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Joshua K. Craver, Jennifer K. Boldt, and Roberto G. Lopez

deeper into leaves and canopies to improve productivity and manipulate stomatal aperture ( Smith et al., 2017 ). Additionally, green radiation absorbed by cryptochrome has been found to stimulate a response similar to shade avoidance, as these wavelengths

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Chenping Zhou, Ruiting Chen, Yaqiang Sun, He Wang, Yi Wang, Ting Wu, Xinzhong Zhang, Xuefeng Xu, and Zhenhai Han

stress is mainly caused by closing of the stomatal aperture, decline of RuBPcase activity, and accumulation of soluble sugar because of sink feedback inhibition of photosynthesis ( Cheng et al., 2008 ; Quentin et al., 2013 ). In the present study, the

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Kirsten L. Lloyd, Donald D. Davis, Richard P. Marini, and Dennis R. Decoteau

than cells from mature leaves. Consequently, cells expanded for a longer period of time, producing larger guard cells and stomatal apertures as a result of prior O 3 exposure ( Villányi et al., 2013 ). Therefore, conductance should ideally be measured

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Zhigang Ouyang, Huihui Duan, Lanfang Mi, Wei Hu, Jianmei Chen, Xingtao Li, and Balian Zhong

Nucleic Acids Res. 30 623 635 10.1093/nar/30.3.623 Lugassi, N. Kelly, G. Fidel, L. Yaniv, Y. Attia, Z. Levi, A. Alchanatis, V. Moshelion, M. Raveh, E. Carmi, N. Granot, D. 2015 Expression of Arabidopsis hexokinase in citrus guard cells controls stomatal