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Yanjun Guo, Terri Starman, and Charles Hall

-watered to CC. Each irrigation event was determined based on the average of readings of SMC level within the same SMC treatment. Substrate moisture contents were monitored by WatchDog 1000 series Micro Stations and SM 100 WaterScout soil moisture sensors

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Ibukun T. Ayankojo, Kelly T. Morgan, Davie M. Kadyampakeni, and Guodong D. Liu

technique using a calibrated Epoch Microplate Reader (BioTek, Winooski, VT) at 660 nm and 540 nm, respectively ( Ringuet et al., 2011 ). Soil moisture sensors (SDI-12 Drill and Drop Probe; Sentek, Stepney, South Australia) were used throughout each season to

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Clinton C. Shock, Erik B.G. Feibert, and Lamont D. Saunders

.C. Barnum, J.M. Seddigh, M. 1998a Calibration of watermark soil moisture sensors for irrigation management 139 146 Proceedings of the International Irrigation Show Irrigation Association San Diego, CA Shock, C

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Joel Felix, Clinton C. Shock, Joey Ishida, Erik B.G. Feibert, and Lamont D. Saunders

the split plots. Each split plot was 2.7 m wide (3 beds) by 9.1 m long. Soil water tension was measured in each main plot with four granular matrix sensors (GMS) (Watermark Soil Moisture Sensors Model 200SS; Irrometer Co. Inc., Riverside, CA) centered

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Xiaoya Cai, Terri Starman, Genhua Niu, and Charles Hall

growth reduction, poor visual quality (leaf wilt and drop), and 25% mortality. Results showed that soil moisture sensor-based automatic irrigation systems may be used to conserve water consumption in greenhouse container production and quality plants of

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Diana R. Cochran, Richard L. Harkess, Patricia R. Knight, Maria Tomaso-Peterson, Eugene K. Blythe, and Charles H. Gilliam

(VWC) was determined according to the instructions provided with a WaterScout SM100 Soil Moisture Sensor (Spectrum Technologies, Inc., Plainfield, IL) and fit to a regression model: VWC = 0.00076503*MW – 0.79736 ( P = 0.0001; R 2 = 0.99; where MW

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Dilma Daniela Silva and Richard C. Beeson Jr.

into the felt below. Rhizotrons were filled with a commercial substrate (Mix #4; Conrad Fafard Inc.). Soil moisture sensors, EC-5 ECH 2 O probes (Decagon Devices Inc., Pullman, WA), were used to characterize soil moisture profiles. Sensors were

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Kuan Qin and Daniel I. Leskovar

, respectively. For each irrigation treatment, soil moisture sensors (EC5; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA) were installed at the center of the rows and close to plants at 15 and 30 cm soil depth to assess the dynamic daily moisture variation ( Fig. 2 ). Fig. 1

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Shuyang Zhen, Stephanie E. Burnett, Michael E. Day, and Marc W. van Iersel

·L −1 are equivalent to matric potentials of –45 kPa and –5 kPa, respectively, in the growing substrate used for these experiments ( van Iersel et al., 2013 ). One soil moisture sensor (EC-5; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA) was inserted vertically at an

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Renee Conneway, Sven Verlinden, Andrew K. Koeser, Michael Evans, Rebecca Schnelle, Victoria Anderson, and J. Ryan Stewart

soil moisture sensor calibrated for use in soilless media [ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor—ML2x (Delta-T Devices, Cambridge, UK) or Field Scout TDR 100 Soil Moisture Meter (Spectrum Technologies, Aurora, IL) depending on trial location]. Once the visual