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Victor N. Njiti, Qun Xia, Leonna S. Tyler, Lakeisha D. Stewart, Antione T. Tenner, Chunquan Zhang, Dovi Alipoe, Franklin Chukwuma, and Ming Gao

loss of peanut Agron. J. 94 331 336 Bouwkamp, J.C. 1983 Growth and partitioning in sweet potato Ann. Trop. Res. 5 53 60 CIP 1999 Sweetpotato facts. 6 Apr. 2012. < > Evans, J.R. Balles, J.A. Brinkman

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Amit J. Jhala, Analiza H.M. Ramirez, and Megh Singh

Weed control in field nurseries HortTechnology 13 9 14 Askew, S.D. Wilcut, J.W. Cranmer, J.R. 1999 Weed management in peanut ( Arachis hypogaea ) with flumioxazin preemergence Weed Technol. 13 594 598 B.A.S.F. Corp 2009 Prowl H 2 O™ herbicide label

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Gary R. Bachman and James D. Metzger

. Tilt et al. (1987) reported that substrate particle size had significant effects on physical properties and plant growth of three species of woody ornamental plants. Substrate amended with peanut hulls increased particle size, porosity, and air space

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Ying Gao, Hao Liu, Ningguang Dong, and Dong Pei

in situ. Monoclonal antibodies against IAA have been used in maize [ Zea mays ( Kerk and Feldman, 1995 ; Shi et al., 1993 ; Vysotskaya et al., 2007 )], peanut [ Arachis hypogaea ( Moctezuma, 1999 )], sunflower embryos [ Helianthus annuus ( Thomas

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Evan Elford, Jim Todd, Peter White, Rachel Riddle, John O’Sullivan, and Rene Van Acker

), carrot ( Daucus carota ), and peanut ( Arachis hypogaea ) ( Everman et al., 2008 ; Martin et al., 2001 ; Swanton et al., 2010 ). Weed control was shown to have a significant impact on final tigernut yield ( Table 4 ). Removing weeds for as little as 1

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Haiying Liang, Bing-Qing Hao, Guo-Chen Chen, Hang Ye, and Jinlin Ma

. Allen (2015) conducted physiochemical analyses of C. oleifera oil before and after thermal degradation. His data indicated that camellia oil exhibited a high degree of heat stability relative to peanut and soybean oils. More research is needed in the

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Metin Turan, Ertan Yildirim, Melek Ekinci, and Sanem Argin

(2001) pointed out that HA had an important effect on the root growth and shoot growth of tomato in a hydroponic system. The use of PGPR and HA as foliar and seed applications for peanut increased the dry weight and yield of peanut ( El-Syed et al

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Judy A. Thies and Amnon Levi

.A. Levi, A. 2003 Resistance of watermelon germplasm to the peanut root-knot nematode HortScience 38 1417 1421 Thies, J.A. Merrill, S.B. Corley E.L. Jr 2002 Red food coloring stain: New, safer

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Kelly T. Morgan, Kent E. Cushman, and Shinjiro Sato

. Chikushi, J. Inoue, M. 2001 Nitrogen recovery of coated fertilizers and influence on peanut seed quality for peanuts grown on sandy soil Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 32 3121 3140 Zvomuya, F. Rosen, C.J. Russelle, M.P. Gupta, S.C. 2003 Nitrate leaching and

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Tao Wang, Ruijie Hao, Huitang Pan, Tangren Cheng, and Qixiang Zhang

expression studies in Brassica napus Anal. Biochem. 405 138 140 Chi, X. Hu, R. Yang, Q. Zhang, X. Pan, L. Chen, N. Chen, M. Yang, Z. Wang, T. He, Y. 2012 Validation of reference genes for gene expression studies in peanut by quantitative real-time RT-PCR Mol