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Wesley Gartner, Paul C. Bethke, Theodore J. Kisha, and James Nienhuis

growth curves of seeds, with special reference to french beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Austral. J. Biol. Sci. 14 1 11 Ceccatto, V.M. Gomes, J.E. Sarriés, G.A. Moon, D.H. Tsai, S.M. 1998 Effects of host plant origin on nodulin activities and nitrogen

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Amaya Atucha, Ian A. Merwin, and Michael G. Brown

. Sci. 121 670 675 Goh, K.M. Bruce, G.E. Sedcole, J.R. 2001 Comparison of biological nitrogen fixation in four pairs of conventional and alternative mixed cropping farms with three rotational stages of pasture establishment in Canterbury, New Zealand

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Xiaoya Cai, Youping Sun, Terri Starman, Charles Hall, and Genhua Niu

of salinity on nodulation, nitrogen fixation and growth of soybean and alfalfa Agron. J. 58 201 203 Cabrera, R.I. Perdomo, P. 2003 Reassessing the salinity tolerance of greenhouse roses under soilless production conditions HortScience 38 533 536

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Jesse Puka-Beals and Greta Gramig

. Huss-Danell, K. 2003 Nitrogen fixation in perennial forage legumes in the field Plant Soil 253 353 372 Chase, C.A. Mbuya, O.S. 2008 Greater interference from living mulches than weeds in organic broccoli production Weed Technol. 22 280 285 doi: 10

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Ustun Sahin, Melek Ekinci, Fatih Mehmet Kiziloglu, Ertan Yildirim, Metin Turan, Recep Kotan, and Selda Ors

uptake and promote plant development. Promotion of root growth results in a larger root surface, and can, therefore, has positive effects on water acquisition and nutrient uptake ( Dimkpa et al., 2009 ). In our study, nitrogen fixation ability of PGPR

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Le Luo, Yichi Zhang, Yingnan Wang, Tangren Cheng, Huitang Pan, Jia Wang, and Qixiang Zhang

effects of different water and phosphate levels on growth and biological nitrogen fixation of nine cowpea varieties Front. Plant Sci. 8, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.020111 Khalid, A.K. 2012 Effect of NP and foliar spray on growth and chemical compositions of

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Deborah Dean, Phillip A. Wadl, Denita Hadziabdic, William E. Klingeman, Bonnie H. Ownley, Timothy A. Rinehart, Adam J. Dattilo, Brian Scheffler, and Robert N. Trigiano

The woody plant seed manual. U.S. Dept. Agr., For. Serv. Agr. Hdbk. 727 Vitousek, P.M. Walker, L.R. 1989 Biological invasion by Myrica faya in Hawaii: Plant demography, nitrogen fixation, ecosystem effects Ecol. Monogr. 59 247 265 Wadl, P.A. Dattilo

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Tom A. Street, Richard B. Doyle, and Dugald C. Close

.A. Lehmann, J. Ramirez, J. Hurtado, M. 2007 Biological nitrogen fixation by common beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.) increases with bio-char additions Biol. Fertil. Soils 43 699 708 Rutto, K.L. Mizutani, F. 2006 Effect of mycorrhizal inoculation and activated

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John E. Beck, Michelle S. Schroeder-Moreno, Gina E. Fernandez, Julie M. Grossman, and Nancy G. Creamer

Acta Hort. 842 385 388 Giller, K.E. Cadisch, G. 1995 Future benefits from biological nitrogen fixation: An ecological approach to agriculture Plant Soil 174 255 277 Isk, D. Kaya, E. Ngouajio, M. Mennan, H. 2009 Summer cover crops for weed management and

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Metin Turan, Ertan Yildirim, Melek Ekinci, and Sanem Argin

components of high-quality fertilizers ( Pettit, 2008 ). PGPR are naturally occurring soil bacteria that colonize plant roots and promote plant growth through phosphate solubility, siderophore production, biological nitrogen fixation, 1-aminocyclopropane-1