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Liang Zheng, Huaming He, and Weitang Song

light, whereas phyB controls the photoreversible effects of low fluency ( Shinomura et al., 1996 ). Impact of Light Quality on Plants Plant productivity is not only influenced by light quantity through photosynthetic activity by which carbohydrates are

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Koichi Nomura, Masahiko Saito, Ikunao Tada, Tadashige Iwao, Tomihiro Yamazaki, Nobuyuki Kira, Yasuyo Nishimura, Makito Mori, Esteban Baeza, and Masaharu Kitano

-related parameters of sweet pepper plants Acta Hort. 956 545 552 Marcelis, L.F.M. Broekhuijsen, A.G.M. Meinen, E. Nijs, E.M.F.M. Raaphorst, M.G.M. 2006 Quantification of the growth response to light

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Annika E. Kohler and Roberto G. Lopez

:// > Litvin-Zabal, A.G. 2019 Quantifying the effects of light quantity and quality on culinary herb physiology. Iowa State Univ., Ames, PhD Diss Lopez, R.G. Runkle, E.S. 2008 Photosynthetic daily light integral during propagation influences rooting and growth

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Eric T. Wolske, Bruce E. Branham, and Kevin J. Wolz

systems: the overstory and the understory. In the understory, the greatest competition comes from changes in light quantity and light quality ( Malézieux et al., 2009 ). In natural ecosystems, the understory is inhabited by plants that are shade tolerant

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Kun Li, Qi-Chang Yang, Yu-Xin Tong, and Ruifeng Cheng

received by plants, the daily light integral (DLI) was calculated with the PPF detected at the heights of the plant canopy at certain growing stages ( Table 1 ) to further illustrate the light quantity of different illumination schedules. Fig. 4. The

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Saquib Waheed, Yuan Peng, and Lihui Zeng

reproductive state in many fruit crops ( Wilkie et al., 2008 ). Several studies in A. thaliana have revealed that the light quantity and quality affect the GI transcription ( Fowler et al., 1999 ; Mishra and Panigrahi, 2015 ). Our results showed that pDlGI

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Dominic P. Petrella, James D. Metzger, Joshua J. Blakeslee, Edward J. Nangle, and David S. Gardner

et al., 2014 ). Transient anthocyanin accumulation occurs with changes in light quantity and/or quality, and has been documented in a variety of plants including: tomato, Arabidopsis , maize, sorghum, rye, red cabbage, and mustard ( Chalker

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Kellie J. Walters, Bridget K. Behe, Christopher J. Currey, and Roberto G. Lopez

, P.A. 1996 Light intensity and spectral quality affect fruit growth and shelf life of greenhouse-grown long English cucumber J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 121 1168 1173 Litvin, A.G. 2019 Quantifying the effects of light quantity and quality on culinary

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W. Garrett Owen and Roberto G. Lopez

anthocyanins are known to contribute to leaf color ( Gazula et al., 2007 ). Environmental factors such as light quantity, quality, and duration and temperature can strongly influence the accumulation of these pigments ( Owen and Lopez, 2015 ). In the present

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Haijie Dou, Genhua Niu, Mengmeng Gu, and Joseph G. Masabni

regulates plant behavior depending on light quantity, quality, direction, and duration ( Chang et al., 2008 ; Dou et al., 2017 ; Figueiredo et al., 2008 ; Shafiee-Hajiabad et al., 2016 ). Daily light integral [the product of photosynthetic photon flux