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Justin Morris, Gary Main, Renee Threlfall, and Keith Striegler

Rootstock and training system affect ‘Sunbelt’ grape productivity and fruit composition J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 61 2 71 77 Nitsch, J.P. Pratt, C. Nitsch, C. Shaulis, N.J. 1960 Natural growth substances in.Concord and Concord seedless grapes in relation to berry

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Caixi Zhang, Kenji Tanabe, Hiroko Tani, Hiromitsu Nakajima, Minori Mori, and Emi Sakuno

.C. 1964 Growth substances in fruit setting and development Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol. 15 303 326 Davies P.J. 2004 Plant hormones: Biosynthesis, signal transduction, action! Kluwer Academic Publishers Dordrecht, the

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Melek Ekinci, Ertan Yildirim, Atilla Dursun, and Metin Turan

growth and development in many different ways and are known to improve plant stress tolerance ( Ashraf et al., 2010 ). BRs are a new group of plant growth substances that promote plant growth and productivity. Like other plant hormones, BRs affect many

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Yu-Chi Lee and Jer-Chia Chang

. Improvement Sta. 31 23 34 (in Chinese with English abstract) Chen, W.S. 1990 Endogenous growth substances in xylem and shoot tip diffusate of lychee in relation to flowering HortScience 25 314 315 Chu, Y.C. Lin, T.S. Chang, J.C. 2015 Pollen effects on fruit

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Kristin E. Neill and Ryan N. Contreras

.446.36 Barker, W.G. Wood, F.A. Collins, W.B. 1963 Sugar levels in fruits of lowbush blueberries at four physiological ages Nature 198 810 811 Collins, W.B. Irving, K.H. Barker, W.G. 1966 Growth substances in

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Zhuangjun Zhao, Margaret Mukami Gitau, Tao Hu, Yan Xie, Longxing Hu, and Jinmin Fu

to cope with stress. Free amino acids are organic components essential for the synthesis of proteins and other growth substances. Therefore, they play a vital role in plants’ stress tolerance through the modulation of stomatal conductance

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Longxing Hu, Zehui Huang, Shuqian Liu, and Jinmin Fu

, were planted in solid growth substances (2 peat soil:1 sand, v/v). After 14 d of establishment, an equal amount of plants was vegetatively grown in plastic pots (7 cm diameter and 9 cm tall) filled with coarse silica sand as the plant anchor medium

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James S. Busse, Senay Ozgen, and Jiwan P. Palta

. Ultrastruct. Res. 26 31 43 Thimann, K.V. Skoog, F. 1934 On the inhibition of bud development and other functions of growth substances in Vicia faba Proc. Royal Soc. Bot. 114 317 339 Vieitez, A

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Syuan-You Lin and Shinsuke Agehara

acid and maleic hydrazide on peach bud dormancy Proc. Annu. Meet. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 74 374 377 Chen, W.-S. 1990 Endogenous growth substances in xylem and shoot tip diffusate of lychee in relation to flowering HortScience 25 314 315 doi: 10

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Aliza Vardi, Ilan Levin, and Nir Carmi

Physiol. 83 411 416 Garcia-Papi, M.A. Garcia-Martinez, J.L. 1984 Endogenous plant growth substances content in young fruits of seeded ‘Clementine’ mandarin as related to fruit set and development HortScience 22