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Hans Spalholz and Chieri Kubota

conductivity, more than chilling-tolerant figleaf gourd roots. Of interest, Ahamed et al. (2012) suggested a shoot to root signal was likely involved for inducing the expression of aquaporin genes in the root. Chilling stress also induces anatomical [e

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Zhengke Zhang, Yu Zhang, Donald J. Huber, Jingping Rao, Yunjing Sun, and Shanshan Li

). Oxidative stress from disproportionate increases in ROS likely contributes to the development of CI symptoms ( Scandalios, 1993 ). Prevention of oxidative injury is crucial to cell survival under chilling stress and is considered to be a major mechanism for

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Yali Song, Patrick Burgess, Hairong Han, and Bingru Huang

temperatures below 18 °C (commonly referred to as chilling stress). Specific reasons for this shift in carbon dynamics may be numerous, but it is generally well-accepted that photosynthetic activities are more sensitive and inhibited to a greater extent

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Yaguang Luo

, I.E. 1966 Growth of lactic acid bacteria in waste waters of vegetable-processing plants Appl. Micro. 14 115 117 Murata, T. 1989 Relation of chilling stress to membrane permeability 201 209 Wang C

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Yiran Li, Asuka Uchida, Akiha Abe, Akihiro Yamamoto, Tomonari Hirano, and Hisato Kunitake

. Shim, I.-S. Fujihara, S. 2012 Chilling-stress responses by rice seedlings grown with different ammonium concentrations and its relationship to leaf spermidine content J. Plant Biol. 55 191 197 Yamamoto, M. Kubo, T. Tominaga, S. 2006 Self-and cross

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Sanalkumar Krishnan and Emily B. Merewitz

Polyamines are long-chain, aliphatic amines involved in the regulation of plant growth and response to environmental stresses including oxidative stress, drought, salinity, metal toxicity, and chilling stresses ( Gill and Tuteja, 2010 ). PAs are

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Rebecca L. Darnell, Nicacio Cruz-Huerta, and Jeffrey G. Williamson

Metabolic changes and susceptibility to chilling stress in Capsicum annuum plants grown at suboptimal temperature Austral. J. Plant Physiol. 24 759 767 Munting, A.J. 1974 Development of flower and fruit of Capsicum annuum L Acta Botanica Neerlandica 23

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Chae Shin Lim, Seong Mo Kang, Jeoung Lai Cho, Kenneth C. Gross, and Allan B. Woolf

ethylene in cucumber seedlings in response to chilling stress Physiol. Plant. 69 253 257

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Yang Yang, Zhongkui Jia, Faju Chen, Ziyang Sang, and Luyi Ma

photosynthesis and photochemistry of Stylosanthes guianensis under chilling stress Plant Growth Regulat. 3 195 199

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Lixin Xu, Mili Zhang, Xunzhong Zhang, and Lie-Bao Han

with freezing tolerance in plants, including bermudagrass (Karpinski et al., 2002; Zhang and Ervin, 2008 ). Overexpression of a chloroplast Cu/Zn SOD gene increased resistance to chilling stress in tobacco ( Gupta et al., 1993 ). ABA and H 2 O 2 have