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Enio Tiago de Oliveira, Otto Jesu Crocomo, Tatiana Bistaco Farinha, and Luiz Antônio Gallo

, this article describes a complete micropropagation system involving disinfection, in vitro multiplication, rooting, and hardening followed by ex vitro acclimatization procedures used to attain that objective, thus producing thousands of Aloe vera

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Asma Alhussein Alawaadh, Yaser Hassan Dewir, Mona S. Alwihibi, Abdulhakim A. Aldubai, Salah El-Hendawy, and Yougasphree Naidoo

liquid/bioreactor cultures with and without netting, after 0 d of culture. ( E, F ) Shoot multiplication in liquid/bioreactor cultures with and without netting, after 6 weeks of culture. In vitro rooting and acclimatization. Axillary shoot clumps

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Youping Sun, Donglin Zhang, and John Smagula

shoots and used for the following experiments. Fig. 1. Morphogenetic responses of Ilex glabra during the establishment ( A–B ), multiplication ( C–F ), rooting ( G–H ), acclimatization ( I–J ), and transplanting ( K ) stages. ( A ) Nodal segment

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Kourosh Vahdati, Zeinab Maleki Asayesh, Sasan Aliniaeifard, and Charles Leslie

water retention capacity of leaves during ex vitro acclimatization. CO 2 enrichment can be achieved by growing the explants in tissue culture containers sealed with gas-permeable films, direct supply of CO 2 in the vessels by forced ventilation, or

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Rongpei Yu, Ying Cheng, Yanfei Pu, Fan Li, and Shugang Lu

optimal media for original shoot induction, adventitious shoot proliferation and plantlet growth, and the optimal substrate type for plantlet acclimatization. This new protocol will be beneficial for horticultural and medicinal applications of S

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Tracy S. Hawkins, Nathan M. Schiff, Emile S. Gardiner, Theodor Leininger, Margaret S. Devall, Dan Wilson, Paul Hamel, Deborah D. McCown, and Kristina Connor

in flats containing a 100% peat medium. Temperature and light treatments were the same as those used in the initial rooting trial. After 4 weeks, flats were subirrigated with a 0.4% solution of Miracid. At week 8, plants were acclimatized to ambient

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Mónica Moura, Maria Irene Candeias, and Luís Silva

flora is a compelling priority. Fig. 1. ( A ) Specimen of Viburnum treleasei in its natural habitat. ( B ) Establishment of explants in WP medium. ( C ) Elongated shoots on the rooting stage. ( D ) Rooted shoots at the beginning of the acclimatization

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Boris Andrés Bran Barrientos and Jong-Yi Fang

seedlings in each petri dish. Five replicate petri dishes were used for each medium treatment and the average was obtained from the five replicates. Table 2. Stages of seedling development in Spathoglottis plicata. Seedling acclimatization. Five

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Alvine Ornella Tchouga, Vincent Deblauwe, Stephanie Astride Mouafi Djabou, Giovanni Forgione, Rachid Hanna, and Nicolas Niemenak

per shoot, and root length were recorded after 12 weeks of culture in the root induction medium. Acclimatization. Plantlets were removed from the culture flasks and washed gently to remove all media attached to the roots. They were then transplanted in

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Fucheng Shan and Kevin Seaton

experiment. The SSTC method involved surface sterilization of immature single-node cuttings, root pulsing, root development, and acclimatization. Surface sterilization. The immature single-node cuttings were immersed in 0.1% Tween 80 (Rowe Scientific Pty. Ltd